Watches and Wonders 2023: Montblanc Secret Minerva Monopusher Chronograph Limited Edition

Last year, Montblanc introduced the limited edition Unveiled Secret Minerva Monopusher Chronograph in 2022 in lime gold (18 pieces) and stainless steel (58 pieces). Following suit this year, the brand introduced a new execution of this chronograph with column wheel and horizontal clutch presented in a 43mm steel case with a special finishing technique to create an aged appeal.

The process involves a black coating of the surfaces, which are then hand-washed and brushed with quartzite from the Mont-Blanc mountain and limestone from the Combe Grède, a gorge opposite the brand’s manufacture in Villeret.

In addition to its unique patina appearance that develops over the time, the case comes with a fluted white gold bezel, inspired by Minerva’s first fluted bezel from 1927.

The Montblanc Unveiled Secret Minerva Monopusher Chronograph Limited Edition is powered by a historic hand-wound Minerva MB M16.29 movement that has been turned upside down to reveal the fascinating mechanical workings from the dial side. This technically challenging horological trick provides a front row seat of the display of the sophisticated details of this caliber, with the the bridges and plates coated in anthracite ruthenium to match the color of the case. Readers will also notice the Maison’s signature double sunburst finish and the polished surfaces that extend to the inner corners of each component. It goes without saying that Minerva’s characteristic spearhead and V-shaped bridge are not to be missed (the spearhead pays homage to the Roman goddess, while the V-shaped bridge is inspired by the mountain scenery that can be observed from the window of the manufacture in Villeret).

The retail price of the 88-piece Montblanc Unveiled Secret Minerva Monopusher Chronograph Limited Edition is $36,500.

To learn more, visit Montblanc, here.

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