Watch Wallpaper: Seiko Astron

Seiko Astron in SpaceIn WatchTime’s March-April issue, on sale now, technical editor Mike Disher examines the new Seiko Astron, a watch that tells time by receiving GPS signals from anywhere on Earth, and we debut the work of our newest ace watch photographer, Robert Atkinson. Click here to download wallpaper images of Robert’s photos of the Seiko Astron.

All watch photos can be enlarged with a click.

Seiko Astron front view

Seiko Astron Outer Space bkgd

Seiko Astron profile

Seiko Astron back view w/buckle

Seiko Astron mushroom

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  1. ok i have this wonderfull looking watche, but my watch is not charging anymore. It has been sitting on suny windows for 5 days, now i put under fluoresence light for another 5 days for 24 hrs, stil not increasing charging status? i since i emtied to udjust 1 hour leap, it emptied , from then i can not is frusturtating….although watch is working ( but in wrong time setting) need to be full to be corectly adjusted .It has been 10 days, i am having trouble to charge fully..!! what is wrong? ( 2 yrs old watch)..! it suppose to be no need to replace it is false..i bet itsi battery is death, not accepting charge anymore i guess… no issue regarding this trouble on web side or Seiko sites..

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