Urwerk Expands UR-100 SpaceTime Series with New GunMetal Edition

Urwerk, the futuristic haute horologerie brand known for its forward-leaning, avant garde designs, has added  to its UR-100 SpaceTime series with a new GunMetal edition. The new watch, distinguished by its new colorway combining a gray case and new, contrasting luminescent dial accents, propels the intriguing, unconventional series forward in a new and distinct way, further differentiating the already impressive mechanical model from its peers.

The 41-mm watch’s unique, sharply faceted case design, made of titanium and stainless steel, features a 12 o’clock crown and textured edges on the other three sides. The GunMetal model, as its name implies, employs a new gunmetal-gray PVD finish. At the center of its dial, as on many Urwerk wristwatches, we find the recognizable orbital hour-satellite display as its main timekeeping component — though the UR-100 differentiated itself by it removing the bulky case cover that would typically hide the watch’s relay-display system on previous models produced. The central axis of the watch then maintains a three-arm carousel system made of lightweight aluminum. While the carousel is partially openworked, the numerals not in use are blocked by aluminum bridges.

At the bottom of the dial, in a vivid green color, we find the minutes feature indicated by a red-arrow-tipped pointer. After 60 minutes have gone by, the hand displaying the time disappears (immediately replaced by the hand at its rear), and passes beneath and between the two side subsidiary complications.

The original UR-100 was first released in the late summer of last year, and received instant attention for its unusual design and features. It was not enough for that watch to tell the time in its unique way; rather, it also showcased two uncommon celestial complications on opposite sides of its dial. The first indicates the distance in kilometers traveled by the wearer on Earth at any given moment, located between the traditional 9 and 11 o’clock positions, which highlights the Earth’s rapid rotation through space at a rate of 555 km every 20 minutes. On the other side, the dial displays the distance the Earth has traveled in its orbit around the sun, which is some 35,740 km every 20 minutes. Together, these complications offer the wearer a truly uncommon series of mechanically tracked data, and — taken together with the piece’s other unique features, i.e., its case shape, material, and time-display system — create a very distinctive timepiece for a more experimental collector.

The new UR-100 uses the caliber UR 12.01 mechanism, which is partially openworked under the clear dial, and has its turbine-integrated rotor on display through a sapphire exhibition caseback (the photo above depicts the original, non-GunMetal UR-100); the automatic movement is capable of a 48-hour power reserve. The timepiece is secured to the wrist via a textile strap with leather backing, specially produced to fit to the top and bottom lugs of the case.

The UR-100 GunMetal will be limited to 25 editions and has already been released in its limited quantity to select authorized retailers, priced at $51,000.

©Laurent Xavier Moulin
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  1. Peter Currer

    A watch used by the Tet (Oblivion) if it had a wrist! Time at a glance, maybe not.

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