Showing at WatchTime Live 2020: Grand Seiko Soko U.S. Special Editions

Inspired by the end of Autumn, Japanese watchmaker Grand Seiko has introduced two new timepieces to its Heritage Collection. The Grand Seiko Soko U.S. Special Edition commemorates the continuation of Japan’s sekki Lunar Calendar, signifying nature’s ever-changing seasons. Each timepiece — in both its outer design and its movement’s technology – pays homage to Japan and its “natural and continuous” flow of time. The watches will be highlighted at the upcoming WatchTime Live virtual collectors’ event starting October 21.

The Grand Seiko Soko U.S. Special Edition commemorates Japan’s twenty-four sekki Luna Calendar.

Both models feature green accents on the seconds hand and power-reserve indicator, while the subtle bamboo-stalk texture of the vertically oriented dial is evocative of the Kyoto forest in Japan, named Arashivama.

The vertical texture of the dials reflects bamboo stalks of the Kyoto forests.

Together, these 39-mm timepieces pay tribute to the moment in nature when the green hues become animated, with the contrasting appearance of “light” as seen on the silver-dial model (Ref. SBGA427), and the “shadow” motif seen on the gray dial (Ref. SBGA429) — both displaying the high level of Japanese craftsmanship that has become expected of Grand Seiko.

Visible through the watch’s open caseback is the Spring Drive 9R65 Caliber, designed, adjusted, and assembled by hand, courtesy of the artisans at the Shinshu Watch Studio in Japan. The spring-driven movement is one of the most noteworthy innovations in modern watchmaking, recognized for its state-of-the-art electromagnetic regulator, which functions without an external power source.

The spring-driven movement with a state-of-the-art electro-magnetic regulator functions without an external power source.

Its sole power source is a mainspring that drives a series of gears — identical to those in a traditional mechanical watch — and delivers a precision of one second per day, an unprecedented rate for a watch powered by a mainspring. The Spring Drive movement, which carries a power reserve of 72 hours, further celebrates the passage of time “as a poetic journey” with every rotation of the seconds hand around the dial.

Dual curve sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

The Grand Seiko Soko U.S. Special Edition models are only available in the United States, with a stainless steel case and bracelet, priced at $5,000. Both also offer the option of a crocodile leather strap with a three-fold push-button clasp.

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Manufacturer:Grand Seiko
Model:Soko U.S. Special Edition
Reference number:Silver Dial: SBGA427
Gray Dial: SBGA429
Functions:Hours, minutes, seconds, +1 second per day/ +15 seconds per month
Movement:Spring Drive 9R65 Caliber, 72-hour power reserve
Case:Stainless steel case, dual curve sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, see-through case back
Bracelet and clasp:Stainless steel bracelet or crocodile leather strap, with a three-fold push-button clasp
Dimensions:Diameter = 39 mm
Thickness = 12.5 mm
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  1. William Joyce

    I just don’t get putting the power reserve indicator on the face of the dial. Yes it is useful but when I put on the watch for the morning. Not through out the day. Put it on the back or just let it go. It really destroys the beautiful symmetry of a Grand Seiko watch.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you! I absolutely love GS but that power meter spoils so many of their SD watches. If they MUST have it on the dial, at least copy their sister company, Orient, and have it under the 12o’clock position thereby restoring symmetry. Look at the latest Orient Star watches they’ve made a power meter look half decent! Come on GS get with it! Or get rid of the PM altogether.

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