Tissot Lets You Try on Virtual Watches in Real Time 3D

Tissot Augmented Reality 3D

Tissot has added 3D augmented reality technology to its website, allowing visitors to try on virtual watches in 3D and to interact with features on the brand’s pioneering Touch collection. When visitors hold their wrist in front of their webcam, they see themselves “wearing” virtual 3D watches in real time. 28 watch variations from the Touch collection are available to try on, including the new Sailing-Touch, T-Touch Expert and Sea-Touch.

Beyond seeing how the watch looks on their wrist, visitors can experiment with the touch screen features of the watches, including the diver functionality of the Sea Touch and the altimeter, meteo (barometer), compass and thermometer of the wider ranges. Videos showcasing the features of each style run alongside the visual of the watch on the wearer’s wrist. All the watches will also tell the correct time in digital and analogue.

Click the screen capture below to give it a try!

Tissot Augmented Reality
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