Introducing the Lepsi Watch Demagnetizer

It’s a problem most watch wearers have faced at some point or another: your otherwise reliable mechanical timepiece becomes less so after unexpected exposure to the magnetic fields that surround us in today’s connected, technology-driven world. In the past, dealing with this problem usually meant a visit to a professional. But now, Geneva-based Lepsi — makers of the Lepsi Watch Scope, a smartphone-app-driven device that measures watches’ performance — allows you to remove magnetism from a watch yourself with its latest invention, the Lepsi Watch Demagnetizer. Used together, the Watch Scope and Watch Demagnetizer represent a new and unique way to take care of your watches.

Lepsi Demagnetiser - angle

Why precisely are magnetic fields potentially harmful to watches? Simply put, these fields can magnetize certain steel components in the movement, particularly the all-important balance spring, which could speed up and cause the watch’s movement to run fast. The Lepsi Watch Scope makes it easy to check your watch’s rate variation and make sure its movement is keeping time with precision. If you notice your watch is consistently running fast (or slow), magnetism may be the problem. To fix it with the Lepsi Watch Demagnetizer, your first step is to download the Lepsi Watch Mag app on iOS for your iPhone or iPad, after which you place the device on a table, position a magnet above it, and move it around the screen without actually touching it to find the magnetic sensor. The higher the number displayed on the app, the closer the magnet is to the sensor. Once you’ve located the sensor, double-click on the identified area, which will create a circle to represent its position.

Lepsi Demagnetiser - illustration

Once this operation is completed — it only needs to be done once, for the first usage — you are ready to use it on your troublesome timepiece. Click “start” in the app, wait three seconds, and hold the watch about 1 cm away from the sensor. If the message “Magnetism detected” appears on the screen, you’ll need to go to the next step: plug in the Demagnetizer, press the start button and hold it down. Slowly bring your watch toward the demagnetizer and then slowly pull it away. Release the start button when the watch is more than 50 centimeters away from the device; at this point, your watch has been demagnetized.

Used in combination with the Lepsi Watch Scope — which syncs up with another Lepsi app to measure rate variation, amplitude, and beat error in just seconds — the demagnetizer is a useful and practical aid for do-it-yourself maintenance on the watches in your collection. The combination of Watch Scope and Watch Demagnetizer — there are no similar products on the market — offers watch owners a new way to understand their timepieces as well a way to save money, you’ll need to visit your local watch repairer only when necessary.


Lepsi Demagnetiser - diagram


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  1. Yves Bouchard

    And the best is that all these tools from Lepsi work very well and are reliable. I have them all and find them very useful:)

  2. The price of the de-magnetiser left me speechless. You can buy a Taiwanese one for $10 on the net.

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