Sponsored: Unveiling Artem’s HydroFlex Strap

Since its inception in late 2019, Australian-based strap maker Artem has consistently set the bar for its action-ready, interchangeable watch straps. Now, continuing its growing history of finely made watch accessories, the brand introduces its latest creation in the HydroFlex watch strap.

The HydroFlex strap is the culmination of meticulous craftsmanship and Artem’s passion for perfection. Crafted with a premium FKM rubber base and adorned with the brand’s signature embossed material, this strap defines sporty sophistication. More than a simple strap alone, it’s a complete fusion of water-resistant, flexible, and durable design, all while offering incredible comfort with no break-in period.

The new HydroFlex strap, available in four colors including black, blue, grey, and green, is a testament to Artem’s commitment to optimal comfort and aesthetic brilliance. Designed with intentionality, every facet— down to the subtlest details— speaks of the brand’s dedication to superior craftsmanship. Highly wearable, its thickness tapers from approximately 5.35mm at the lug end down to about 2.55mm, ensuring a snug fit without compromising style.

Among its key features, Hydroflex straps feature a hybrid construction featuring a premium FKM rubber base and embossed synthetic material with a sailcloth pattern, together representing marriage of aesthetics and durability. This sailcloth pattern on the underside of the strap is notably the creation of an award-winning designer in the Netherlands.

By their innovative construction, the straps are water and dust resistant, making them the ideal companions for every escapade— including swimming. The straps are also vegan-friendly, being made with completely non-animal-sourced materials. And as a chief focus of Artem, the brand emphasizes the value of personalization. As such, the HydroFlex design comes fitted with removable quick release spring bars, making changing from strap-to-strap a breeze. The range of straps is currently available in 20mm, with more sizes on the way.

The HydroFlex strap, a testament to Artem’s innovative work, is priced at just $218, offering exceptional value for its superior quality. When compared to Artem’s Loop-less strap paired with a clasp (US$214), the HydroFlex proves to be a marginal investment for unparalleled style and functionality. Additionally, buyers can elevate their strap experience by adding Artem’s RM Style Deployant Clasp to their order for an additional US$73.

To learn more, visit Artem, here.

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