Sponsored: Strength Meets Serenity in G-SHOCK’s MRGB5000BA “Ao-Zumi”

Earlier this year, G-SHOCK caught the attention of market-at-large when it launched its most luxurious execution yet of its iconic and historic DW-5000C design in the MRGB5000. Expanding the impressive collection, G-SHOCK is further elevating the 1983-dervied style with its latest in the MRGB5000BA “Ao-Zumi.” The new watch— like the previous MRGB5000 options before it— joins G-SHOCK’s luxuriously minded MR-G series, being a masterfully designed and manufactured timepiece that serves as a true heir to the timeless, iconic classic.

The MRGB5000BA “Ao-Zumi” at once delivers a sense of strength and beauty, with its look distinguished by its namesake “ao-zumi” (“blue-black”) motif, featuring a base color of black with deep blue accents. Ao-zumi is a form of sumi ink made from a block of blue pigment that is often used in traditional calligraphy and paintings, with the depth and serenity of the blue tone considered to have a calming effect. Taking direct inspiration, the MRGB5000BA presents a look of quiet strength that captures the equanimity of the Zen mindset, pairing a beauty of design and color with natural G-SHOCK toughness for a watch which personifies a worldview of serenity infused with unshakeable strength.

In its design, the MRGB5000BA continues the series’ nod to the original DW-5000C, executing the famed shock-resistant design with a brilliant shine and dignified distinction via cutting-edge metals finished with master polishing craftsmanship. On the wrist, the “Ao-Zumi” features a classic sizing in addition to its premium sillehoute, the watch measuring an approachable 49.4 by 43.2 by 12.9mm which is at once versatile in its restraint, while undoubtedly bold in its unmissable and iconic aesthetic.

In terms of material construction, the watch opts for a titanium alloy and COBARION composition, with blue ion plating (IP) applied to the multi-component bezel and band pins, while a black diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating is used for the rest of the case and band. Notably, COBARION, which has a hardness about four times that of pure titanium and a brilliant gleam comparable to platinum, is used for the top surface of the bezel. A special Ti64 titanium alloy is then used for the case, case back, and buttons, while the band is made with DAT55G, a titanium alloy that is both about three times harder than pure titanium and highly workable, making it scratch-resistant and ensuring a long-lasting, beautiful mirror finish.

Besides its upgraded materials and uncommon colorway, the finishing of the MRGB5000BA is one of its keenest points of elevation. To apply sophisticated polished finishes to even the tiniest corners of the complex 25-piece bezel form, Casio implemented a Multi-Guard Structure specifically developed for the timepiece. The new structure opts for a multi-component bezel and case incorporating a four-cornered suspension componentry combining T-shaped bars, flat springs, and resin buffering. The system not only ensures superior shock resistance, but further allows skilled artisans using a Sallaz technique to manually polish each individual component of the timepiece prior to assembly for a stunningly beautiful, distortion-free finish throughout.

When it comes to function, the MRGB5000BA features radio-controlled calibration and Smartphone Link connectivity, with the movement featuring a dedicated module with gold plating applied to the retainer plate for the circuit board to reduce electrical resistance. In complement to its exterior, its timekeeping is read via a negative LCD display, while a sapphire crystal treated with blue vapor deposition protects it overhead with its high scratch resistance and anti-reflective treatment. Like other premium G-SHOCK watches, the “Ao-Zumi” connects with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES smartphone app to automatically adjust to the correct time. It also comes equipped with a solar charging system and high-brightness LED light for added convenience.

The new G-SHOCK MRGB5000BA “Ao-Zumi” is priced at $4,000, and is available for purchase now at select G-SHOCK retailers, the G-SHOCK Soho Store, and gshock.com.

To learn more, visit G-SHOCK, here.

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  1. Diemue

    „ G-SHOCK’s luxuriously minded MR-G series, being a masterfully designed and manufactured timepiece that serves as a true heir to the timeless, iconic classic.“

    What are you talking about? The new F. A. Lange & Soehne?

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