Sponsored: Boasting Cutting Edge Technology, G-SHOCK Introduces Its Latest MT-G

G-SHOCK’s premium MT-G collection of timepieces has long been found at the crossroads of bold style and cutting edge technology, and with the new MTGB3000BD1A that trend only continues. Found as part of the larger MTGB3000 series, the watch is constructed of stainless steel, fine resin, and carbon, and features a renewed Dual Core Guard Structure of carbon and metal. This updated design allows the MT-G a more streamlined silhouette, measuring only 12.1mm thin, which is over 2mm slimmer than previous MTGB1000 models.

At the center of the slim profile and improved shock-resistance of the MTGB3000BD1A is its advanced version of the Dual Core Guard structure. The new structure protects the module with a carbon-reinforced resin case and encloses the exterior of the watch with metal components. This combination of metal and fine resin allows for the timepiece to retain its metal look and texture while reducing the weight and providing additional protection. Additionally, the new model makes use of a new gear-hold design, further allowing for a thinner and more durable construction.

The new MTGB3000BD1A measures 51.9 by 50.9 by 12.1mm, with its chic black aesthetic featuring a touch of fresh color via the use deep red accents applied via ion-plating throughout. As for details on the case, its sides are raised to protect the crown and buttons, with them serving a dual role via their seamless integration with the layered composite band— complete an exchangeable structure that allows it to be quickly removed with a simple pinch to the lug. The expertly finished band is made of hollow stainless-steel segments encasing fine resin parts, ensuring an overall lighter wear without any sacrifice to style or durability.  

Flipping the watch over reveals its three-dimensional case back protecting the timepiece’s movement. Like the rest of the watch, the case back is incredibly engaging, with its surface undergoing repeated processes of pressing, cutting, and polishing to provide for its unique look.

The new MTGB3000BD1A boasts an array of premium G-SHOCK technical features, including Bluetooth® functionality that allows the watch to be connected to a smartphone via the CASIO Watches app, Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, Tough Solar Charging, Super LED illumination, and more. The timepiece also comes equipped with the full scope of standard G-SHOCK technology, including superior shock resistance, 200m water resistance, daily alarm, perpetual calendar, and both a 24H stopwatch and timer— all among much else.

The G-SHOCK MTGB3000BD1A retails for $1,050, with it found alongside the MTGB3000BD12— also priced at $1,050— and the MTGB3000B-1A, which retails at $950. All three models are available for purchase at select G-SHOCK retailers, the G-SHOCK Soho Store, and gshock.com.

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