Sinn Spezialuhren Dives Down Deep with New T50 Goldbronze Model

For more than 60 years, Sinn Spezialuhren, based in Frankfurt am Main, has made a reputation with high-quality mechanical watches that feature special in-house developed technologies and materials. The new T50 Goldbronze edition, limited to only 300 pieces, is another impressive demonstration of the German brand’s extensive expertise in the field of metallurgy.

It boasts a new, patent pending bronze alloy referred to as “Goldbronze 125.” It consists of one eighth of gold, offers a high degree of purity, improved skin compatibility and increased corrosion resistance to seawater compared to conventional bronze alloys, according to the brand. In addition, its surface does not darkens as fast as regular bronze does. Those who do not like the patina that develops over time, can remove it with a special cloth that is provided by the manufacturer. The base of the T50 Goldbronze is made of high-strength titanium, a metal that is known for its antiallergic and light properties.

Waterproof and pressure-resistant to 50 bar, the debutante has a diameter of 41mm and sports a one-of-a-kind dial that has been given its cool look thanks to an irregular polishing. As it is crucial for a diver’s watch, it features a luminous design for perfect readability in all elements. Color-differentiated shades for the markers, minute hand, second hand, and key mark on the safety bezel make for unmistakable differentiation and high legibility. The display itself has been reduced to the bare essentials to comply with tool watch design standards. The T50 Goldbronze is equipped with the brand’s Ar-Dehumidifying Technology that prevents fogging and is driven by the self-winding SW 300-1.

The Sinn T50 Goldbronze is limited to 300 pieces with pricing marked at approximately $5,300 when converted to USD. While the T50 Goldbronze is limited, the T50 and T50 GBDR are unlimited variants. They have the same features as the T50 Goldbronze, but feature a black dial and are available with leather and silicon straps as well as a metal bracelet. Both come in titanium cases, with the T50 GDBR sporting a safety bezel crafted from Goldbronze 125. Prices for the T50 start at approximately $3,180, and for the T50 GBDR at $3,980.

To learn more, visit Sinn Spezialuhren, here.

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