Seiko Launches World’s First Active Matrix EPD Watch

Seiko EPD

Seiko has announced the world’s first watch with an active matrix EPD display. The watch features a 300 dpi high resolution display for very detailed graphics. You can choose from among five displays to suit your personal taste, or your mood. This solar-powered watch receives time-setting signals from the world’s atomic clocks, assuring amazing accuracy. The time signals it receives are accurate to within one second in every 30 million years!

The new EPD watch is powered by a self-recharging solar battery, so that no battery replacement is ever required. Once fully charged, thanks to Seiko’s expertise in energy-efficient IC and other hi-tech electronics, the new EPD watch can run for up to nine months even without additional exposure to light. If no button is pressed while the watch remains in darkness for 72 hours, the ‘sleep’ mode is activated. In this mode, the watch remembers the time and continues to receive the radio signal for over three years! As soon as any button is pressed or the solar cells are exposed to light, it awakes and the display operates normally once again.

Three models will be available in selected major markets including the U.S. beginning in December. The reference numbers and approximate retail prices are:

– SDGA001 (Stainless Steel) $1100
– SDGA002 (Goldcolor plated) $1200
– SDGA003 (Black PVD hard coated) $1200

Seiko Active Matrix EPD

Five display options
Five display options

Receiving the atomic clock signal.
Receiving atomic clock time signal

Menu screens
Seiko EPD menu screens

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