Frédérique Constant Official Timekeeper for Peking to Paris Motor Challenge

Peking to Paris 2010

Frédérique Constant will be the Official Timekeeper and exclusive sponsor of The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, taking place from September 10th through October 16th, 2010. The first edition of this legendary classic car event took place in 1907. The idea for the race came from a challenge published in the Paris newspaper Le Matin on January 31st 1907.

The challenge read: “What needs to be proved today is that as long as a man has a car, he can do anything and go anywhere. Is there anyone who will undertake the challenge to travel from Peking to Paris by automobile?”

The route for the 2010 edition of ‘The Ultimate Driving Adventure’ runs from the Great Wall in China, through Mongolia, then briefly into Russia before turning south west into Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and via Turkey, Greece and Italy into France to finish on the famous Place Vendôme in Paris. The trail follows the historic Silk Route and the participating drivers will have days off in fabled cities such as Almaty and Samarkand.

During this demanding road rally, at least 230 drivers and navigators in 165 classic and vintage cars dating from the 1920s to the 1960s will cover over 9,000 miles in approximately five weeks time.

Under the premise of its slogan ‘Live your Passion’ Frédérique Constant encourages people around the world to follow their passion. Being part of The Great Peking to Paris Expedition reflects this devotion. All participating cars will bear the Frédérique Constant logo, and the winning driver and navigator will be awarded with an exclusive Frédérique Constant timepiece in Paris.

You can follow the race on the Frédérique Constant blog, and via the brand’s Facebook Fan page.

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