Hands-On Debut: Rolex Yacht-Master 42 in Titanium RLX

First introduced in 2019, Rolex is taking a new approach to the Yacht-Master 42 series, this time opting for a new case and bracelet material: titanium RLX. This grade 5 titanium alloy is exclusive to Rolex and has previously only been used for the Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge presented last year. According to the brand, the extremely robust and corrosion-resistant metal makes the watch, which is designed for sailing, 30 percent lighter than other titanium watches.

Rolex yacht master ii titanium rlx Rolex yacht master ii titanium rlx
Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42

The combination of polished, high-sheen, and technical satin finishes illustrates the brand’s prowess in finishing techniques. Together, they produce a subtle blend of textures and light, the gleaming polished surface of the crown guard and the lustrous high-sheen on the top edges of the lugs are radiant. Contrastingly, the matte surface created by technical satin finishing – with its pronounced grain – is visible on the case and Oyster bracelet. The bracelet is equipped with the Rolex Easylink 5mm comfort extension link.

Rolex yacht master ii titanium rlx Rolex yacht master ii titanium rlx

In terms of design, the new version remains faithful to the original model presented in 2019. As in previous releases, it features a bidirectional bezel with a Cerachrom insert in matte black ceramic with raised and polished numerals and graduations.

Rolex yacht master ii titanium rlx Rolex yacht master ii titanium rlx

The bezel frames the black dial that offers exceptional legibility in all circumstances, thanks to its Chromalight display. The broad hands and hour markers in simple shapes – triangles, circles, rectangles – are filled with a luminescent material emitting a long-lasting glow. Inside the watch is the manufacture caliber 3235.

Pricing for the updated Rolex Yachet-Master 42 is marked at $14,500.

To learn more, visit Rolex, here.

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  1. Gerry Dimatos

    Love this piece from Rolex !
    Cunningly it is not available as a 40mm so as to not hurt the sales of the platinum bezel YM’s…

    • Andrew Benjamin

      The first ROLEX I really liked in years. It looks good, the material is about time. Owned at least three to four ROLEXEs, but not one was accurate out of the box. I also own three GP’s and two IWCs, a Jaeger, a Cartier, all are accurate out of the box. Go figure. I bought my first ROLEX at Cartier on Fifth Ave in the late sixties, branded with both ROLEX and Cartier label. It cost $190 with leather, not metal, bracelet. The ROLEX HQ was next door. I had to take the watch to it to get the time adjusted.

      After all these years of no real change to fire one’s interest, other than the subject of the article above, ROLEX in my mind has become boring, as well as overpriced for the product they serve the public.

      I am amazed though at the advertising prowess of the company everywhere on the planet, which must add at least $2000-3000 to each watch sold. That means that each watch sold is actually worth that amount less than the sale price. I’d rather put m money into the watch than the advertising company’s pockets.

      I urge anyone reading this to pick up an IWC Ingeneur AGM ceramic series watch, check the back for the movement, and make his comparison to the value against the ROLEX of his choice. You’ll immediately see what I speak of. Incidentally, my father was a master watchmaker.


        I agree with you it is a long time awaited stunning piece. Of course, titanium being my metal of choice, I might not be objective…LOL You really had an unfortunate series of bad luck with your Rollies. May I ask if you have had any recent iterations? Because at my house, the recent models all keep time like…”a swiss clock”…with about 1 second or less per day, constant months after months. You are privileged that your dad was a master watchmaker.

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