WatchTime New York 2023: Watch Collecting with Kevin O’Leary (Video)

Three weeks ago, over 2,000 watch enthusiasts streamed through the bronze doors of Gotham Hall in Midtown Manhattan for the annual WatchTime New York collector show – the largest number of guests to attend the event in its eight-year history. One of them was no other than renowned investor, author, TV personality, and collector Kevin O’Leary.

“What I appreciate about this is that it’s a gathering of a global scale. These are brands from all around the world coming together. It’s a chance for collectors like me to see what’s next but also what came before, because some of these brands are displaying some very rare vintage pieces. So, I would never get to see these unless I was here… I think that’s the importance of this: understanding there’s a past to this industry as well as a future. Putting them both together in one show is genius.”

Kevin O’Leary

During a panel discussion on Saturday, O’Leary also shared his insights with WatchTime Publisher Sara Orlando and WatchTime Senior Editor Bilal Khan. If you’ve missed it, you can watch his Collector’s Edition video from the WatchTime event here:

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