Orient Bambino: A Smaller Watch Making A Big Impact

Some watches have an innate ability to draw me in, the latest example being the Orient Bambino, mostly because the brand scaled down the diameter of the watch from 40.5mm to 38.4mm. While the first was already a tempting offer, the latter is even more. The slimmer dimension seems to highlight the vintage character of the watch even further.

The classic retro ethos that the Bambino brings to the table is one that does not come around often in the world of watch releases anymore. Its charm is often found in models from the 1950s and 60s, with its curved dial protected by domed mineral glass. It is surrounded by a thin bezel and relatively short lugs and gets an added dose of character from the crown.

Orient launched the Bambino with its 38.4mm case in four different versions. One features a gold-plated case with a white dial, while the others combine a stainless steel case with dials in black, white, or cream. The latter is also the one we reviewed. Further underscoring the vintage vibe of the Bambino, blue hands stand out against the pure cream-colored dial.

The slim, but mighty watch is fitted with the caliber F6724, an automatic manufacture movement. It can even be admired through the exhibition caseback, where its no-nonsense appearance perfectly matches that of the refined dial. The power reserve is an ample 40 hours, as the movement runs on 3Hz. A hacking mechanism allows you to set the time precisely, and the date is quick-set. As a true classic, the Bambino features a water resistance of 30 meters, and like many vintage watches, it proudly mentions that fact on the dial in an elegant font.

The Orient Bambino seems to possess a certain kind of confidence, with a subdued appearance that can match many of the great dress watch icons for a far more affordable price. Even as the proud owner of some serious dress watches, the Orient Bambino is still a must-have for me. It sits comfortably on the wrist and offers a carefree sense of elegance that is difficult to find and hard to beat.

With such a refined appearance, I feel that Orient fell just slightly short on the strap offering. Although made from genuine leather, the alligator print looks a bit artificial. My first choice would be a calfskin strap with slight grain, one that I believe would make the watch pop out even more. However, as this particular version and the three others are easy to match with a wide variety of straps, nothing is stopping you or me from finding the perfect combination.

Orient is asking €275 (approximately $270) for the new Bambino, a small price for a great watch.

To learn more, visit Orient, here

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  1. Whistler

    I own the silver case on black. This watch is a great daily and night out on the town choice amongst my other watches costing at least ten times the cost. Simple elegance.

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