Showing at WatchTime Live 2020: Norqain Freedom 60 GMT and Freedom 60 39

WatchTime Live is very nearly upon us, and today we are taking a look at Norqain and its updated Freedom collection that will be showcased at the event. Over the past year, the Swiss newcomer has been attracting a growing amount of positive press, with much of the excitement focusing on its interesting and sports-minded steel models. Now, Norqain expands its popular Freedom collection, adding two new, scaled-down designs, both set to featured at the virtual collector and brand summit.

The two designs, which encompass a total of four new watches, include the Freedom 60 GMT, at a 40-mm size; and Freedom 60 39, which, as its name implies, is slightly smaller, at 39 mm in diameter. These additions are the smallest models within the Freedom collection to date — 2 mm smaller than the previous Freedom 60 time-and-date models, and 3 mm smaller than the ever-popular Freedom 60 Chrono series. Together, they aim to bring the attention-grabbing series to a slightly wider audience, with the GMT functionality and smaller sizing coming as a direct response to requests from fans and buyers of the brand.

Freedom 60 GMT

The Freedom 60 GMT is arguably the more exciting of the two new releases. It is available in two colorways, the first a more traditional steel watch with a black dial, and the other opting for the trendier look of a bronze case with a rich brown dial. The bronze edition is limited to 300 models and the steel version is available on an ongoing basis. The aforementioned 40-mm case comes in at a wrist-friendly thickness of 14.5 mm; it appears to use mirror polishing throughout, from its slightly angled lugs to its smooth, hardy bezel, while a deeply grooved, screw-down crown rests on its right side.

The dial is similar in style to those found on previous watches in the Freedom collection, with the outer tachymeter-inspired minute ring, applied numerals with lume accents, and syringe-style hour and minute hands. Making this latest model unique look is its namesake GMT functionality, with an analog, 24-hour day/night ring showcased at the center of the dial, using a red-tipped pointer to indicate a second time zone.

Inside the new Freedom 60 GMT is the Norqain Manufacture Caliber NN20/2, which is a new automatic movement with an impressive 70-hour power reserve. Sealed inside the 100-meter water-resistant case and visible behind a sapphire caseback, the new movement is chronometer-certified and features the brand’s core values of “Adventure – Freedom – Independence” engraved upon the bridges.

Freedom 60 39

The other new product drop is the Freedom 60 39, which uses a time-only design and is also available in two colorways: a steel case with an anthracite dial, or a bronze case with a cream dial; unlike the Freedom 60 GMT, both of these models will be available on an unlimited basis.

Like that of the GMT watch, the watch’s case has slightly angled lugs, polished finishing throughout, and a sturdy bezel. The 39-mm-diameter case has a correspondingly smaller profile than that of the GMT, at only 11.4 mm thick. Its screw-down crown is also noticeably smaller in proportion to the case. However, despite the smaller overall dimensions of the model, it appears to maintain the sturdiness that fans of the brand have come to expect, including its 100-meter water resistance.

On the dial, we again see the curved outer ring, marking each passing five-minute mark from 1-60, a tachymeter-inspired minute scale, and lume-accented, applied markers signifying each passing hour. The final details of note on the dial are the collection’s signature syringe-style hands and, of course, Norqain’s printed logo toward the top and a chronometer indication toward the bottom. The sunburst dial of this model is the most simplified yet in the Freedom collection — eschewing even the date functionality seen on all previous iterations of the family.

Inside the Freedom 60 39 is another proprietary new movement, the Norqain Manufacture Caliber NN20/1. This movement is likely related to the similarly named Caliber NN20/2 found in the GMT model, though obviously lacking the GMT functioning. Like that movement, the automatic Caliber NN20/1 features a 70-hour power reserve and is visible behind a sapphire caseback.  

Both the Freedom 60 GMT and Freedom 60 39 are available now directly through Norqain. The Freedom 60 GMT retails for $3,590 in its steel variation and $3,890 in the limited-edition bronze, while the Freedom 60 39 is priced at $2,990 regardless of case metal.

To learn more and inquire for purchase, you can visit Norqain’s website, here.

To learn more about WatchTime Live and to purchase tickets, you can visit the event website, here.

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  1. Ron Howard

    Who goofed, I’ve got to know. What happened to the date complication from the previous version? All they had to do was change the movement and leave the rest alone. But no, they had to go screw up a perfectly doable upgrade. No thanks.

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