MeisterSinger Perigraph in Two New Cool Colorways

Every year, German watchmaker MeisterSinger expands its Perigraph collection with a colorful new iteration. Following a bold yellow edition in 2021, this year the Perigraph will be available as a series watch in two new colors: one in black with bordeaux accents, and the other in black with petrol accents taking center stage.

As the single-hand timepiece’s siblings, they feature a 360° date disk, with a small arrow at 12 o’clock indicating the current date. This unusual display earned the Perigraph, which is driven by the automatic Sellita SW200, the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the Good Design Award as far back as 2009.

The edge of the dial and the date ring in bordeaux or petrol make for a highly legible contrast with the deep black backdrop. The 43-mm stainless steel cases are attached to vintage straps. Pricing is around $2,000 when converted into USD.

To learn more, visit MeisterSinger, here.

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    “Colorways”??? That’s not even a word. It’s “colors”. WTAF???

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