MeisterSinger Drops Three New Smaller Executions of the Perigraph

German brand MeisterSinger has made a reputation with mechanical single-hand watches that combine award-winning design with the quality of Swiss watchmaking. The idea behind this approach is that you perceive time with less pressure through a reduced indication, and do not rush after the seconds. The Perigraph has been one of MeisterSinger’s staples for 20 years. In addition to the single hand indicating the hours and minutes, it offers a date indication on a ring which is placed in the center of the dial and boasts a small arrow indicating the current date at 12 o’clock.

Following the trend towards smaller dimensions, the company introduces this classic in a smaller case size of 38mm. Reduced from its 43mm diameter, the latest variant is available in three colors. Needless to say, the signature MeisterSinger ivory and sunburst blue colors are included. In addition, there is a new, particularly elegant version with a highly polished white dial and gold accents. 

To ensure not only a smaller diameter, but also a reduced case height, MeisterSinger chose the Swiss automatic caliber SW300, which is 1mm slimmer than the SW200 which drives the other Perigraph models. At the same time, it provides an extended power reserve of 42 hours.

Pricing for the new MeisterSinger Perigraph models is marked at approximately $2,330 when converted to USD.

To learn more, visit Meistersinger, here.

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