WatchTime New York 2018 Panel Preview: The Future of Watch Collecting

Every year at WatchTime New York, we host a number of industry panels throughout the Saturday session. These panels serve as a sort-of bookmark throughout the day and are a great chance to hear watchmakers themselves, industry pundits, and various members of the horological cognoscenti discuss the world of watchmaking as a whole.

Attendees at last year’s WatchTime New York panel moderated by WatchTime Editor-in-Chief Roger Ruegger (center). Returning panelists include Rudy Albers (directly to Ruegger’s right), President of Wempe USA, and Jeremy Roizin (two people to Ruegger’s left), Managing Director of Watch Anish.

In The Future of Watch Collecting, which starts at 12:30 p.m., we have six members of the watch industry in varying capacity scheduled to discuss how they’ve seen the industry, and the collectors inside of it, evolve during their career. We’ve selected these people not only due to their prominent positions in the watchmaking world but also because they will be able to offer different opinions on everything from the desires of contemporary collectors to the differences and similarities between online and physical retail. Moderating the panel is the Editor-in-Chief of WatchTime magazine, Roger Ruegger. Here’s some background information on who exactly will be featured in the second panel of WatchTime New York 2018 (Saturday tickets still available, click here to get yours now).

Jeremy Roizin, Managing Partner of Watch Anish

Jeremy Roizin is the Managing Partner of Watch Anish, the global social media behemoth that has been a leading force in the world of watchmaking and luxury since 2012. Based out of New York, he’s a fixture in the American watch media scene. You may recognize him from his appearances at previous WatchTime New York shows  — Watch Anish has been our show partner since the first WTNY in 2014 — or from his personal Instagram account, @watchesonme.

Davide Cerrato, Managing Director of Montblanc Watches

Davide Cerrato has led Montblanc to many of its most recent hits, including this year’s 1858 Geosphere.

Davide Cerrato has emerged as one of the most important watch industry executives of the 2010s. Prior to his appointment as Managing Director of Montblanc’s watch division in 2015, he helped spearhead the revival of Tudor in the United States as its Creative Director. His time at Montblanc has helped elevate the brand into new standing in the contemporary collecting sphere and he has a rare understanding of the desires of today’s enthusiast.

Giles English, Co-Founder of Bremont

We all know the story of Bremont’s origin at this point. It’s the rare brand narrative that is both entirely true and filled with the kind of adventure and emotion you only expect to see at the movie theater. Not only is Giles English, and his brother and co-founder Nick, a living representative of this tale, but he’s also helped navigate the 16-year-old independent British company into a leading — and constantly growing — position in the watch industry. Check out our recent Q&A with Giles English here.

Tirath Kamdar, Co-Founder and CEO of TrueFacet

A few months ago, Roger Ruegger published a two-part article on how “The Internet Transformed the Secondary Watch Market into a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.” Front and center in that story are Tirath Kamdar and TrueFacet, the online watch and jewelry marketplace that he co-founded. Kamdar has guided TrueFacet into not only becoming a leader in the pre-owned watch market but also as an authorized partner to over 20 luxury watch brands that sell directly to the collector through his website.

Reginald Brack, Watch and Luxury Industry Analyst for The NPD Group

Reginald Brack is a longtime watch collector and the current watch industry analyst for The NPD Group, a global source on market information for over 20 industries. Previously, he served as the General Manager of Watches for StockX and as the International Head of Retail for Watches at Christie’s Auction House. You may also recognize him from his appearances as a watch industry expert on television programs like Fox Business and CNN Money.

Rudy Albers, President of Wempe USA

If you’ve bought a watch in New York over the past three decades, there’s a good chance you’ve interacting with Rudy Albers, the President of Wempe USA, in some capacity. Wempe is one of the world’s largest physical watch retailers with over 32 multi-brand locations in seven countries. Albers operates the German company’s 5,500-square foot Fifth Avenue flagship store at the Peninsula Hotel in Manhattan as well as the Fifth Avenue Official Rolex Boutique at the Rolex Building.

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