Let’s Get Spherical: Alexander Shorokhoff Introduces the Shar Timepiece

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Bavarian watch brand Alexander Shorokhoff releases an artistic timepiece that tests the limits of the watch case in the new Shar. Limited to 30 pieces, the watch features a completely spheric shape and expands the brand’s reputation for avant garde styling. Drawing upon the brand’s reputation for colorful design, its penchant for art and artists from all disciplines, and its dedication to traditional decorations and finishing styles such as engravings and guillochage, the new Shar is a testament to brand’s unique style of watchmaking.

The case of the Shar features a diameter of 25mm and a height of 25.8mm, with the front glass seamlessly joined to produce the shape of the sphere. In order to connect the bottom and the body of the case without additional edges and holes, a one-screw construction was developed. The screw is located in the middle of the bottom, connects the two parts and has a likewise hemispherical design that matches the overall shape. The sapphire crystal which protects the skillfully engraved dial depicting a floral pattern perfectly matches the bubble shape and blends almost seamlessly into it.

Inside the watch ticks an automatic movement based on ETA.2671. Its rotor is hand-engraved, as usual for Alexander Shorokhoff. Retail for the new Shar is $1,990.

To learn more, visit Alexander Shorokhoff, here.

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