Switzerland Meets Australia: The Bausele Oceanmoon II Dive Watch Collection

You can take the watch designer out of Switzerland, but you can’t take Switzerland out of the watch designer. When Swiss entrepreneur and watch industry veteran Christophe Hoppe moved to Australia, he found himself inspired by the landscape, lifestyle, and traditions of the Land Down Under — inspired enough to incorporate them into an all-new Swiss-made, Australian-designed watch brand, Bausele, which stands for “Beyond Australian Elements.”

Bausele OceanMoon Cave - Black - LeatherBausele OceanMoon - Cave - Black - Silicone_500Among the brand’s collections is the Bausele Oceanmoon II — a sporty divers’ watch that the company says was “inspired by Australia’s obsession with the ocean” — which launched in the United States this summer, fronted by a major advertising campaign featuring Australian actor Dominic Purcell, star of the Fox TV series “Prison Break” and the WB’s “Legends of Tomorrow.” The OceanMoon II watches have big, 47-mm steel cases water-resistant to 200 meters and contain Swiss quartz movements equipped with tracking mechanisms for both moon phases and tidal movements. Each Oceanmoon II watch has a scratch-proof sapphire crystal and comes with two easily interchangeable straps, one in high-grade silicone and the other in genuine leather.

Bausele OceanMoon Currawong - Leather


Bausele OceanMoon Currawong - Silicone

The Bausele Oceanmoon II is available in four versions, in four different case materials and finishes, with distinctively Australian names: Currawong (rose-gold-plated steel case, black dial), Magpie (steel case, white dial), Cave Black (steel case with black finish, black dial), and Drover (steel case, black dial). All of the watches come with a five-year warranty (you can secure an additional year by registering the watch online) and are priced at $890.

Bausele OceanMoon Drover - LeatherBausele OceanMoon Drover - Silicone


As for the “Australian elements” the Oceanmoon II shares with the rest of the Bausele line, each timepiece features a hollow glass crown through which the owner can glimpse an actual living element of Australia — red earth from the Outback, sand from one of the country’s beaches, or opal from beneath the Australian soil. As the company proudly states, the watches allow their owners to literally carry a piece of Australia with them.

Bausele OceanMoon Magpie - LeatherBausele_OceanMoon_Magpie_Bausele OceanMoon Magpie - silicone
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