Grand Seiko to be Distributed Internationally

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph

Beginning this year, Grand Seiko timepieces will be officially released to international markets. Until now, the Grand Seiko brand has been available only in Japan, and outside collectors have gone to great lengths to obtain these prized watches. Launched in 1960, Grand Seiko represents Seiko’s finest quality timepieces. Every Grand Seiko component, from the movement to the case, is manufactured to the highest standards in-house. Cases are polished by the Zaratsu method to create the flattest mirror-finish surfaces. Hands and hour-markers have razor edges to deliver the best visibility. Mainsprings are fashioned from Seiko’s proprietary Spron alloy.

The Grand Seiko collection includes mechanical, quartz and Spring Drive watches, and a wide range of calibers, the majority of which are designed and developed uniquely for Grand Seiko, including the celebrated 9S85 ‘HI-BEAT 36000’, the 9F quartz caliber with yearly accuracy of +/-10 seconds, and the Spring Drive chronographs with vertical clutch and column wheel systems.

The Grand Seiko story started over 50 years ago with a simple idea, to create the “ideal watch”. For 50 years, watch lovers in Japan have been able to enjoy the experience of owning their ideal Grand Seiko. From 2010, other international markets will be able to share this experience, and Seiko’s global network of national offices will support Grand Seiko to the same high level enjoyed in Japan. Seiko is pleased that for watch enthusiasts everywhere, the wait is over.

Spring Drive Chronograph caliber 9R86
Spring Drive Chronograph

Mechanical caliber 9S85 Hi-Beat 36,000 vph
Grand Seiko Hi-Beat

Quartz caliber 9F, accurate to +/- 10 seconds per year
Grand Seiko super-accurate quartz

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