Holthinrichs Goes to New Heights by Deconstructing and Rebuilding the Wristwatch

Holthinrichs is a premium Dutch watch brand that started in 2016 but quickly made a name for itself by 3D printing its cases from metal. Founded by Michiel Holthinrichs, a trained architect with a passion for watches, these watches stand out by their high-tech approach to a classic design. Things are taken up a notch with the brand’s latest creation named Deconstructed.

The name is taken after the design process utilized for this watch. It is, not surprisingly, inspired by ‘Deconstructivism,’ a postmodernist architecture movement. A structure is taken apart, and its separate components are analyzed to be put back again in a new and often challenging configuration. For Holthinrichs, this starts with the case from grade 5 titanium, which is created thanks to state-of-the-art 3D metal binder jetting technology. This allows for unusual designs, like the lugs, which seem to be almost floating in the air.

Holthinrichs is a strong believer in finishing his watches by hand, but also leaves some surfaces seemingly untouched. As a result, you get a tantalizing contrast that is a treat for the eye. This can also be said of the dial, which is made up of 25 components. They are hand assembled to create a balanced yet asymmetrical design that is not only easy to read but also naturally draws your eye to its center.

Here we get a peak into Holthinrichs very first manufacture movement. Over six years in the making, caliber HW-M01 is a traditional manual wind movement with a not-so-traditional appearance. Holthinrichs cleverly played with the inner dimensions of the movement, adding depth to the watch on both the front and the back. From the open-worked and hand-beveled mainplate to the exquisite look of the three-quarter bridge and balance bridge with lasered frosted recess and handmade anglage, the Deconstructed brings high-tech in an old-school way. This even includes black polish on the screw heads and counter sinks.

While this is enough to turn heads, Holthinrichs took a road that small brands do not often travel, and that is creating a bracelet of his own from scratch. It is also printed from grade 5 titanium, with an unusual asymmetrical design. The different finishes give it a lot of contrast, and the way that the bracelet is designed, made, and put together is very remarkable. It even comes with an innovative release mechanism based on a wishbone design. Holthinrichs offers the Deconstructed on a rubber and/or alligator strap for those who prefer something a bit more conventional. The first run of this watch will be just 20 pieces, priced at €35,000 excluding VAT, or about $38,000 when converted to USD.

For more info, visit Holthinrichs, here

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