Hautlence Introduces a New Era with the Linear Series 1

Hautlence is undergoing an era of change with a new structure based in Schaffhausen and operational support from its sister company, H. Moser & Cie. New leadership in the young brand has also introduced a fresh brand concept and product strategy, one being spearheaded by the release of the new Linear Series 1. Following on from the history of the brand with features like a jumping hour disc, a half-trailing hour chain, and a jumping hour that spins on a sphere, the newest release now presents a linear retrograde jumping hour.

The exterior of the watch is a satin-finished and polished steel case with dimensions of 43.0 x 50.8 x 11.9 mm. The case design is the Hautlence signature “TV shaped case,” which is a shape reminiscent of a rectangle with angular corners. A sapphire crystal caseback engraved with HAUTLENCE” is revealing of the internal mechanics of the watch. The watch will be released in a limited run of 28 pieces, and the exhibition caseback exposes the number of each specific piece out of 28 engraved onto the movement. 

The base of the dial is a skeletonized, rhodium-plated brass with a vertical satin finish. On the left-hand side of the dial is a sapphire, vertical hour indicator with printed white indices. The intermediate dial that indicates minutes is slightly off-centered to the right in the middle of the dial and also has printed white indices. The main dial is partially open to allow parts of the movement to be seen. One component visible through the opening is the minute cam. This is integral with the minute hand, which rotates once per hour and lifts the minute sector as the hour elapses. After 60 minutes, the minute sector falls back, driving the hour star which includes the hour cam.

Powering the watch is the caliber D50, with the automatic mechanism capable of a 72-hour power reserve. The movement is made-up of 239 components and incudes both a linear retrograde jumping hour and 1-minute flying tourbillon, both visible via the dial. 

The new Hautlence Linear Series 1 is limited to 28 pieces, with pricing marked at CHF 59,000, or approximately $61,300 USD at the time of writing.

To learn more, visit Hautlence, here

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  1. I like these interesting watches ,that are different from a regular watch . The problem is that they always cost an astronomical sum of money

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