Breitling and Crown & Caliber Team Up For Online Trade-In Program

Breitling CEO Georges Kern has a strong track record of being a retail innovator. Six months ago, for example, Breitling introduced a pilot project for a new boutique concept which combines a watch store with a premium café, bar, and bistro at Jelmoli in Zurich, Switzerland. Now, the Swiss watch brand is launching a trade-in program with pre-owned luxury retail specialist Crown & Caliber that allows collectors to buy their next Breitling watch online.

Breitling will provide trade offers on all luxury watch brands towards the online purchase of a new Breitling in the United States. The free estimate services are powered by Crown & Caliber. Combining Crown & Caliber and Breitling data on historical watches allows to offer an easy to use online trade-in process with 20% premium provided over market price, according to the press release. “We are very excited to provide consumers in the United States the convenience and easy process of trading in any watch online and receiving a premium credit that can be applied immediately towards the purchase of a new Breitling watch online. We strive to offer our customers the very best in e-commerce, which includes a vast array of payment options, including financing and now trade-in on,” said Breitling USA President Thierry Prissert.

Hamilton Powell, CEO and Founder of Crown & Caliber

“We have always seen ourselves as stewards of the brands and their legacies, so it’s an honor to work with a renowned brand like Breitling in this new landscape of re-commerce,” said Hamilton Powell, CEO and Founder of Crown & Caliber. “We believe that by pairing the trust and transparency we provide our customers with the respect that Breitling commands, this program will be the new future of the luxury watch market.”

The service is available at Within one business day, Crown & Caliber will deliver an offer based on current market trends and historical transactions. Sellers will receive the trade-in value to apply towards the online purchase of a new Breitling watch. If the watch being traded in is a Breitling, a premium will be added to the offer.

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