Anytime, Anywhere: G-Shock Collaborates with Boston-Based Bodega

Between strong visual brand recognition and a trustworthy product reputation, G-Shock is the ultimate candidate for partnerships with other brands and embraces that quality fully. Doing so once again, the brand is introducing its latest collaboration with Boston-based brand Bodega. Bodega is a multi-faceted brand that tackles a broad range of art, fashion, design and counterculture, now melding its eclectic breadth to the rugged functionality of G-Shock. The Bodega x G-SHOCK DW5600 is a fusion of both brand’s identity, creating a contemporary version of the rugged 5600 with hints of poignant nostalgia.

The case is made from semi-transparent grey resin and features a signature octagonal-shaped bezel, as is expected from the DW-5600. Enhancing the rugged look of the case are protruding stainless steel bumpers on either side of the strap. The history of the 5600 design is highlighted in this collaboration as well with the integrated bracelet style, which is also made from resin and incorporates the G-Shock identity into this collaboration. On the reverse, the partnership is commemorated via a steel caseback engraved with co-branded graphics and a continuation of the world map motif. 

The display layout features hours, minutes, and seconds in its lower half with designated spaces to display information for its other features. Around the dial in yellow lettering are several descriptive notes indicating some of the watch’s many features. Alongside those notes are the logos of each brand, all situated atop of a green globe graphic with red and blue striping details. The globe graphic on the periphery also continues behind the digital display and glows green in low lighting. The familiar digital display executed in a nostalgic color palette creates a retro flare without compromising contemporary G-Shock design optimization.

Joining the 5600 series, this G-Shock offers all of the expected functionality, including water resistance up to 200 meters. As an alternative to the grey resin strap, the watch also comes with a woven band attached to a steel carabiner for an alternative way to wear or carry the watch. The watch on the resin strap and the extra woven band come in a steam trunk-inspired carrying case that is co-branded with Bodega and G-Shock logos and graphics. 

The Bodega x G-SHOCK DW5600 is available beginning on February 17 in-store at both the Boston and Los Angeles Bodega locations on a first come, first served basis. Pricing is marked at $170. 

To learn more about G-Shock, click here. To learn more about Bodega, click here

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