Breitling Super Avenger Military Limited Series

Breitling Super Avenger Military watch - frontBreitling describes its Super Avenger Military Limited Series watch as “a concentrated blend of power, precision, and functionality.” The “power” part undoubtedly refers to the new watch’s case, which is made of steel covered with an ultra-resistant, carbon-based black coating. The “precision” and “functionality” most likely refer to this Super Avenger’s COSC-certified chronometer movement, Caliber 22.

The Breitling Super Avenger Military, which is a limited edition of 500 pieces, is built for stealth, with a non-reflective finish on the big, 48-mm case and a “volcano black” dial that echoes the case and features a 24-hour military time display with white Arabic numerals. The curved sapphire crystal above the dial has also been treated with glare-resistant coating. Further solidifying the model as a military watch is its “offroader” strap, made of a durable synthetic fabric similar to the type used by elite military units for special operations.

This tough Breitling watch is equipped with a 1/4-second chronograph, which has a flyback function and tallies 30 minutes and 12 hours on two subdials at 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock, respectively. The chronograph push-pieces are protected by two screwed-in push-piece guards and the crown is also screw-locked, with a non-slip grip. The large hands, hour markers, and numerals were designed for maximum legibility. The ratcheted bezel rotates in one direction, a useful feature for diving; the case is water-resistant to 300 meters (1,000 feet). As with all Breitling watches, the Super Avenger Military contains a COSC chronometer-certified movement, Caliber 22, which features automatic winding and a frequency of 28,800 vph.

The Breitling Super Avenger Military is priced at $7,765.

Breitling Super Avenger Military Limited Series watch

Breitling Super Avenger Military Limited Series - reclining -name/military camouflage design background

This article was originally published on December 9, 2013, and has been updated.

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  1. Haha I’d love to know how many military personnel actually bought this watch. Seems like a novelty for rich guys who want to look tacticool.

  2. Canada Carl

    Almost $8k for a watch is incredibly expensive. I know that Brietling is an expensive brand but I’m not sure it’s worth it. What’s the difference between one of these Brietling watches and a Casio survival watch

  3. This is a great watch, I will buy one and a tactical flash light after read your post

  4. MrTissot

    Sorry, no in house movement at this price makes it expensive !!

  5. Liked it, just ordered it! Last one I could find!!! Looking forward to strapping it on.

  6. William Trelease

    Love the Breitling New Military edition.W
    Cannot afford the price unless their is a way of buying the watch another way? Regards Bill Trelease

  7. aorobert

    As someone who was in the Army, who loves watches, and who was in Special Operations, i actually LOL every time I see ads like this.

    • Watches are truly amazing. Price has very little to do with materials used in construction, accuracy, features, design, durability or ease of operation. Making low serial numbered production with handmade assembly without divulging the secret that the movement was purchased elsewhere seems to be a common marketing gimmick. The worst thing that can happen to a high dollar watch owner is not getting recognition from others that what is on their wrist is exclusive and expensive!

  8. $7,400 ? Wow. Perhaps only an army general will buy this one. The price is so expensive, at least for myself. I already made some reviews around best military watch at All watches in the list more for daily use and pricing is affordable.

    • US Navy CPO

      Nope I’m not an Army General but I am a US Navy Chief Petty Officer. Picked mine up this past weekend. $7,400? Yes I can afford it. Infact this is my fourth Breitling. It’s not about affordability, it’s about money management. I manage my money well and this is how I can afford it.

    • I don’t think this watch is actually being marketed and sold for its functionality as a military watch. Its a case of how do you separate the geese and the lambs from their money? The “military” side of things is just marketing…

  9. Breitling watches are expensive……and this model should have been Breightling’s attempt to make an affordable watch to the military….since that is its namesake, but that would have to be a sub $1K watch!

  10. Debashish

    Breitling Super Avenger Military looks like a fabulous watch, yet it is not ultra-expensive!

    I love Breitling as they make fantastic watches, which are quite affordable and do not cost an arm & a leg!

    • Indeed they look good but the prize of this one is more of an arm and a leg… Don’t you think? It would be nice to see a comparison test of it and the MTM advertised on various sites for a max of 1/4 of the prize. I’m sure they all work well but scratches and daily use of a black watch can ruin its appearance fast. How long the nice finish will last and can you polish them again? Thanks, Spiros

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