Video: Restoring Breguet’s Historical Timepieces

WatchTime contributor Jeff Kingston visits Breguet in Switzerland, offering the unique opportunity to learn more about the historical timepieces of Breguet.

In the world of modern watches, grand complications represent the greatest challenges in watchmaking, But when you’re talking about a watch made 200 years ago, the challenge is even greater. This is the task at hand at Breguet’s Grande Complications Workshop, where experts will restore any watch made during the history of Breguet. This history dates all the way back to 1765, when watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet opened his workshop on the Quai de l’Horloge in Paris. In this exclusive video, you will see two pieces that date from Abraham-Louis Breguet’s own lifetime and learn more about how these historic Breguet watches are restored.

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  1. Richard Kalina

    Sounds like a good format and will help grow fine watch collectors. I’ve only been in the watch business for over 1/2 century and enjoy seeing the positive efforts toward making the “Smarter”. The more they know, the better it is for the true Swiss watch industry.

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