Video: How Breguet Makes its Guilloché Dials, Hosted by Jeff Kingston

In this exclusive video, WatchTime contributor and event partner Jeff Kingston visits the guilloché dial workshop at the headquarters of Montres Breguet in the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland.

Dial making, as Kingston tells us, is “one of the great specialties in the history of watchmaking,” and guilloché dials are a specialty within that specialty. To watch it being practiced is to journey back 200 years in time, because the methods and the machines being used in the process have roots that go back that far. It was Abraham-Louis Breguet himself, at his workshops in Paris two centuries ago, who introduced guilloché dials to watches. Today, the guilloché dial room at Breguet, the company he founded, has been described as a manufacture inside the manufacture. The machines are as “manual” as they get: all of the important work is done by hand. Enjoy the video and learn more about the making of guilloché dials.

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