Video: Bell & Ross BR-X1

Bell & Ross BRX1 - front viewIn WatchTime’s January-February 2015 issue, on sale January 13, Joe Thompson examines the launch of the Bell & Ross BR-X1, named for the plane that broke the sound barrier, the Bell & Ross brand’s first foray into the luxury sports watch segment. Here is the brand’s official video animation of the new watch.



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  1. ExplEngineer

    I have to wonder why this website is so difficult to use. First of all I have already signed up yet that stupid override wanting me to sign up again won’t go away, & I don’t need my inbox cluttered with multiple copies of the same email. Secondly, I saw one of the BR-X1 watch that I in a group, and it turned out to be something that I was considering buying for my own birthday present, but I could never get back to it. This site has some good information, and if might be great for a computer guru but for someone who just wants to look at the spec. and info. and perhaps just wanting to but a watch it just doesn’t seem to work, at least not for me. Maybe it will get better as I become more familiar with it, but in the interim, just tell B&R that if their watches are as complicated as this website, I am going back to Breitling or Patek Phillipe.

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