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WatchTime Vacheron Constantin Special - coverNew York City (NY): America’s best-selling watch magazine, WatchTime, has released its 2009 special issue on Vacheron Constantin as a digital download. This special edition explores the history of Vacheron Constantin watches, taking the reader inside the brand’s Swiss manufacture and highlighting the most iconic timepieces from its 250-year history.


WatchTime Special Issue: Vacheron Constantin is packed with informative features and enlightening interviews. Readers will learn about major Vacheron Constantin watch collections such as the Historiques, Platinum Excellence, and Métiers d’Art, as well as the custom-tailored watches from the famed Atelier Cabinotiers. Watch history buffs will enjoy the visit to Vacheron’s Heritage Department and its “living history.” The issue also features a candid, far-ranging Q&A with the man behind the brand, Vacheron Constantin’s longtime CEO, Juan-Carlos Torres.

Through these features and others, including a detailed look at Vacheron’s collection of in-house calibers, the issue offers a comprehensive look at the long tradition of Vacheron Constantin watchmaking, as well as its future. Enriched with full-color photos as well as a wealth of information, it is an ideal addition to the shelf of any serious watch enthusiast.

The downloadable WatchTime Special Issue “Vacheron Constantin” is available here:

WatchTime Vacheron Constantin Special - cover

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