Watches & Wonders 2024: New Oris Aquis Date Upcycle (with Live Photos)

With their comprehensive revamp of the Aquis collection at Watches & Wonders 2024, Oris has brought back the popular Upcycle collection as part of their Change for the Better initiative. You’ll recall these Aquis Date Upcycle watches were first introduced back in 2021 in 41.5mm and 36.5mm cases which has now grown to a more robust offering of 36.5mm, 41.5mm, and two versions of a 43.5mm with either the caliber 733 or the in-house Oris Calibre 400.

oris aquis date upcycle

These Upcycle dials are done by using recycled PET plastics of which over 8 million tons are dumped into the oceans each year. According to the WWF, half of all turtles have eaten this plastic thinking it is jellyfish and 90% of sea birds have plastic in their systems. Obviously the tremendous environmental damage done by the dumping of these plastics cannot be fixed by recycled watch dials but they do serve as an important and visually compelling reminder. Oris CEO Rolf Studer says “No two are the same, so every buyer gets something unique. Added to that, people like the irony that individuality, something prized in luxury, is created by trash.”

oris aquis date upcycle oris aquis date upcycle

The model seen here is the more accessible 43.5mm case that is outfitted with the Oris 733 movement which has a 38-hour power reserve and is also used on the 41.5mm and 36.5mm variants. The pricier 43.5mm model has the excellent in-house Oris Caliber 400 with an impressive 120 hour power reserve. Considering these are Aquis models, all of them are water resistant to 300 m. 

As for what’s new with the Aquis, you’ll notice updates to the case on the lugs and crown guard while the bracelet gets a broader center link and more of a taper overall. There are also subtle changes to the bezel while the dial has new hands, applied hour markers, and typography. And while it’s less obvious on the Upcycle model, there are matching date windows as well. 

oris aquis date upcycle

No two dials of the Oris Aquis Date Upcycle are the same, though the chaotic blend of colors and patterns are really easy to get lost in. Ironically the word “organic” came to mind which is indeed the opposite of what these recycled PET plastics truly are. The Aquis Date Upcycle in 36.5mm, 41.5mm, and 43.5mm (with the Oris 733 movement) are each priced at CHF 2,450 while the Aquis Date Upcycle Calibre 400 in 43.5mm is priced at CHF 3,750. 

To learn more, visit Oris, here

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