The Frustrating Lack of Availability & How It Can Enrich Your Watch Experience

You want a particular watch, and you have the funds for it, yet you still are not able to obtain it. This is a reality with a surprisingly large amount of different watches, and the numbers only seem to increase as time passes. I am not talking here about scarce limited editions, but regular production models that should be available at any dealer, or at least could be ordered within a reasonable wait period. These days, there is often a waitlist for the waitlist, and when you think you have struck gold and see your desired model in a shop window, a small sign that says ‘For Exhibition Only’ evaporates all the hope you had.

Even among the big brands there are models to discover that are not in the full spotlight (yet).

There are several things that you can do here. You can take on the challenge of stalking any dealer you find in order to hopefully, one day, if you are still sane and in good health, you get the timepiece you have set your heart on. You can also bite the bullet and pay the premium to get one used or from a grey market dealer. The sad part is that you are also paying to keep certain mechanisms in the market going that do not always benefit the true watch aficionado. Then there is the third option, and that is to boldly go where you have not gone before.

Expand your horizon and surprising watches can come your way

The watch world is a vast place, and even after two decades in the industry, I haven’t seen it all. That means that instead of going for the watch you want but can’t reasonably get, you can venture into unknown territory and get something else. Usually, this does mean that you have to change your perception. As many watches that you can’t get come with a certain status, the ones fewer people know about are obviously not the ones that get you instant recognition. If you don’t care about that, exploring new brands and models might actually be a worthwhile expedition that even may change your outlook on watches and your preferences. You can even do this when you are on the waitlist for one watch or another, as you have nothing to lose and a lot to win.

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  1. Jerry Hom

    I feel lucky that Rolex seemed a little too boring after marriage and children altered my imperatives in life. My friendly Rolex ad suggested dumping them for some decent home appliances and electronics, investigate some other more worthy brands. Great advice from a man who knew he sold good watches but not horology.

  2. Jeff Taylor

    I agree 100%. These games that Rolex et. al. are playing are for the birds. There are too many other excellent choice to put up with this garbage.

    I had planned to buy a Rolex to celebrate my 50th birthday but got an Omega MoonWatch instead. I saved a ton of money and had a minimal wait time.

  3. Gerry Dimatos

    As a watch collector over many decades I feel this is bad advice…. The heart wants what the heart wants….. A 70’s and 80’s Porsche add once wrote : “ Porsche – there is no substitute” The same applies to watches…. If you’re after a Patek or an AP, or a particular Rolex then NOTHING will fill that void…You could discover Grand Seiko like I did but again even though his brand doesn’t fulfill the burning desire or the hole in your heart ….
    Damn those marketers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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