Sponsored: The ANOMALY-T4— the New Watch That’s 100% in CODE41’s DNA

CODE41’s pioneering, iconoclastic business model has very rapidly succeeded in ranking this project among the most promising in Swiss watchmaking. Other than their watchmaking expertise, the real added value is, above all, each individual who’s part of it. Each member of the CODE41 community – more than 400,000 members strong! – represents an exclusive stakeholder in CODE41 projects. From the development of the watches to their creation, the CODE41 teams are dead set on maintaining absolute transparency, a fundamental value of the brand.

CODE41 has the honor of introducing its brand new creation, the ANOMALY-T4, which packs in the best of its predecessor, the ANOMALY EVOLUTION, and a few surprises that are hotly anticipated by the CODE41 community. The ANOMALY collection has managed to reinvent itself and create surprise, all while satisfying the demanding and precise expectations of the CODE41 community.

Many felt the intense desire to see an ANOMALY fitted with a visible movement, a visual and mechanical delight that had been an integral part of the collection before disappearing with the ANOMALY EVOLUTION. The ANOMALY-T4 has succeeded in taking on the emblematic features of the collection by including a visible movement, allowing its admires to observe its beating heart. This timepiece definitely has some magic about it: it grants the dearest wishes of the CODE41 community!

The ANOMALY-T4 is also a project that is directly in line with the heritage and DNA of CODE41. Thanks to the power of its community and the collaboration that the brand has succeeded in pursuing with its members, only exceptional timepieces are created in true Swiss fashion, all while offering sensational value for money. Throughout the ANOMALY-T4 project, transparency, dear to the heart of the CODE41 team, has been maintained and has strengthened the privileged bond of trust between the parties involved.

Numerous surprises and benefits await with this new CODE41 creation.

The ANOMALY-T4’s design is both refined and technical. Its singular casing gives it a unique identity and its visible movement allows a glimpse at the fabulously enchanting ballet of the components inside. The back is not to be outdone, as this spectacle can also be admired with full transparency. It’s a splendorous, sublime scene offered by the ANOMALY-T4 to its lucky future owners.

This exclusive creation also offers a denudement appreciated by many watch enthusiasts with its expertly-crafted skeleton movement, the Sellita SW200-1 S a, renowned for its precision and reliability. Of course, none of the proven successes of the ANOMALY collection have been forgotten: the reduced thickness of the case, the reinforced crown, the improved power reserve, the transparent back and the numerous other characteristics that the community has granted a standing ovation.

CODE41 has extended the feat a little bit more by offering this new ANOMALY in a 100% recycled steel case. With the straps from the first ANOMALY collections already being offered in FSC recycled paper, available in flax or recycled calfskin, CODE41 is continuing its eco-friendly commitment by unveiling for the very first time a case (middle, bezel and back) made of 100% recycled steel. The steel used for the ANOMALY-T4 is of superior quality; 316L grade 4441 stainless steel.

So, CODE41 has established itself as a pure player by rewriting the rules of the hushed world of watchmaking since the very beginning of its creation. The power of its community is at the heart of all CODE41’s watchmaking creations. They are all timepiece enthusiasts, those who make up this brand and make it a unique, key figure on the current watch market. CODE41 members have the exclusive chance to witness the spectacle of watchmaking from behind the scenes, where every more audacious models are created between an enthusiastic, welcoming community.

CODE41 has managed to evolve and surpass itself by offering ever more bold and technical models, all while respecting the brand’s fundamental values: transparency and integrity.

The ANOMALY-T4 is available for pre-order now until Thursday July 21 at 3pm (CET). It is offered starting from 1,398 CHF (approximately $1,465 USD). Two initial batches of 600 pieces will be produced. Visit the brand’s website to pre-order your ANOMALY-T4: www.code41watches.com

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