Sponsored: CODE41 Unveils Latest NB24 with the Impressive Stratom Case

CODE41 has unveiled its latest iteration of the NB24, a chronograph watch that has become a legendary part of the brand’s history. This third edition of the NB24 brings with it not only a captivating new color, but also introduces a fresh case design known as the Stratom.

The NB24 – A Growing Legacy

The NB24 has firmly cemented its place in the annals of community-driven watch projects, etching itself into CODE41’s history. When the Creator Edition was unveiled for pre-orders in 2021, the response was nothing short of astounding, with a staggering 1,380 watches selling out in a matter of weeks. This overwhelming success underscored CODE41’s commitment to delivering exceptional timepieces to a wide audience.

The NB24 owes its name to Nigel Bailly, a talented race car driver and CODE41 ambassador. In 2021, Nigel achieved a lifelong dream by participating in the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans race. His initials, “NB,” were bestowed upon this exceptional timepiece, infusing it with a sense of racing heritage and adrenaline-fueled inspiration.

At the heart of the NB24’s appeal lies its impressive array of components, including a CODE41-exclusive Swiss-manufactured movement, a robust grade 5 titanium or AeroCarbon case, sapphire crystal, and a rare dial-side oscillating weight. These high-quality elements come together harmoniously to embody one of CODE41’s core missions: to make the world of fine watchmaking accessible to as many enthusiasts as possible.

The Stratom Case

For CODE41’s latest edition, the NB24 is joined by the Stratom case. This new case design made its debut with resounding success during the launch of the T360 Tourbillon, and is now set to accompany the NB24 on its next journey.

The new Stratom style joins the existing NativeDNA design, which has long secured the impressive timepiece. The NativeDNA case, with its chambered construction and distinctive lugs, boasts an iconic and refined aesthetic that exudes classic elegance. This case design has garnered a loyal following and is readily available for delivery within just seven days, ensuring those who crave its timeless charm can have it on their wrist without delay.

The new Stratom case offers a completely different visual and tactile experience. Measuring 42.7mm by 14.5mm in grade 5 titanium, its timeless urban design commands attention with its sporty lines, prominent screws, and highly technical multi-layer construction. This fusion of style elements creates an explosive cocktail that has already captivated watch aficionados.

Pricing and Availability

The new CODE41 NB24 Stratom will be limited to 200 total editions, with pricing marked at $7,200 excluding tax. The timepeice is available now for pre-order via the brand’s online store, here.

To learn more, visit CODE41, here.

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