Sponsored: As if it Couldn’t Get Better, Oceaneva Unveils a 1250M Titanium GMT

Oceaneva is swiftly rising to the forefront of the luxury timepiece industry, outperforming more established names in terms of specs, price and value proposition. The brand has recently launched a Titanium GMT on pre-sale for an astonishing $349. To label this as extraordinary would be an understatement.

The new Oceaneva Titanium GMT series showcases unique colors that are truly eye-catching, a feature rarely seen before in the industry. People are buying watches every day with half these specifications and paying twice as much. Equipped with a Ceramic Bezel, the GMT offers a water resistance of 1250M and is powered by a Seiko GMT NH34 movement, renowned for its reliability and durability.

Despite these impressive specs, the watch weighs only 4.8 ounces unsized. The case, bracelet, and clasp are all crafted from lightweight titanium, and the bracelet is designed with screws for sizing. The luminous is upgraded BWG9 S Swiss Super-luminova Grade A, providing extreme brightness and 80% more longevity. The thickness is almost double the standard, enabling the piece to serve as a torch at night.

As for the ceramic bezel, it’s important to note that there are five quality grades of ceramic, measured by error ratings visible under 40x magnification. While top-tier watch brands use .01 error, Oceaneva opts for .02, offering the same grade of ceramic found in premium Swiss watch brands costing thousands of dollars.

Oceaneva’s commitment to authenticity and testing is unparalleled. They are the only USA-based watch brand to send watches for testing on ocean submersibles in real-world environments, making them the sixth global brand to undertake such rigorous testing.

This latest offering from Oceaneva is nothing short of a masterpiece. The brand, known for its commitment to extreme depths, value, and quality, has truly outdone itself this time. Founded in 2018 by Darrell Spencer, Oceaneva is a family-run USA-based watch brand that ships globally. Spencer’s previous experience in the closeout watch business online for over a decade has clearly influenced the brand’s approach.

When asked how they can sell such high-grade timepieces at such affordable prices, Spencer responded: “Our goal is to create the best value luxury watch in the market for your hard-earned money. We’ve already achieved that. Some brands are feeling threatened because they can’t compete. We’re confident we offer the best value in the industry.”

Oceaneva operates from a low-cost area compared to cities like NY or LA, maintaining a small but efficient staff to manage operations and provide excellent customer service. They avoid excessive markups, passing the savings on to the customer.

“In the past, I’ve seen brand owners with net worths of 50-200 million dollars. They got there by charging very high markups. Manufacturing isn’t as expensive as most people think. Many components in our watches are made in the same factories as some century-old Swiss brands,” Spencerexplained.

“Luxury is a state of mind. It doesn’t need to have a 1000% markup to be luxury. Too many people confuse expensive with luxury. Just because something costs more doesn’t always mean it’s better. Several brands have launched marketing campaigns about shaking up the industry. Those were just fancy marketing strategies designed to make you part with your money. We are actually doing it.”

With its unwavering commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction, Oceaneva is indeed shaking up the luxury watch industry. The new Titanium GMT series is a testament to their innovative spirit and dedication to excellence.

See the new Titanium GMT at Oceaneva.com.

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  1. Just wore the Titanium this week, and it’s amazing. Wake up in a dark room after 8-10 hrs of sleep, and you will find this watch, no problem. The lume is insane. Comfortable, light weight (considering the depth rating), and already sold out less than two weeks after deliveries. When I buy a gift for males in my family, this is my go to, but I have to plan it months in advance to make sure I can get the one I want.

  2. Gerry Dimatos

    No thanks with this brand. If you want a Seiko movement buy a Seiko, but these movements are far from accurate.Only a sample has been tested under water in real world conditions whilst the one you get has not…
    Add in the Rolex GMT rip off in terms of look so what watch are you really buying ?

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