Showing at WatchTime New York 2023: Vianney Halter La Resonance

In the heart of Manhattan at Gotham Hall in less than two weeks, WatchTime New York 2023 is set to take place from October 20 to 22. This year the esteemed show will welcome famed horological independent watchmaker Vianney Halter, where the brand will be showcasing one of its latest in the La Resonance. The timepiece and its maker will join over thirty-five other incredible brands, each highlighting some of the most important watches of the year in one of North America’s most important industry moments of the year.

Vianney Halter is a name synonymous with innovation and artistry in the world of horology, with the brand since 1998 helping lead the world of independent watchmaking. Often interested in futuristic themes, the brand’s designs follows its namesake leader intrigue, with La Resonance being the latest embodiment of this spirit.

The new watch was inspired by the realms of galactic wonders and quantum mysteries, following 2013’s Deep Space Tourbillon and 2021’s Deep Space Resonance and the years of research and development between each. In this way, the La Resonance encapsulates the essence of a cosmic adventure, where the resonance between two spiral-balance oscillators emerges as a genuine complication, inspired and purpose built for anti-gravitational timekeeping.

La Resonance’s case is presented as more than a vessel, but further as a work of art. Crafted from a unibody titanium ring, the 39mm frame is a delicate balance between simplicity and sophistication, with it boasting three curved sapphire windows, allowing the wearer to peer into the heart of acoustic resonance. The lugs, brushed and beveled, create a harmonious contrast, showcasing Halter’s meticulous attention to detail.

The watch’s skeletonized dial is a canvas where scientific precision meets aesthetic brilliance. The undulating waves of the dial are a nod to the resonance phenomenon’s complexity. The watch’s hands dance elegantly across the dial, materializing the undulatory nature of acoustic waves. Every glance at the dial reveals the intricate ballet of gears and wheels, a visual symphony of mechanical artistry.

At the heart of La Resonance lies the extraordinary caliber VH222, a testament to Vianney Halter’s technical prowess. This manual-winding movement, a marvel of engineering, resonates with acoustic waves, an innovation that sets it apart. The absence of a mainplate challenges conventional watchmaking norms, allowing the movement to float in space, much like celestial bodies in the universe. The power is provided by two barrels that feed into a center differential, ensuring the synchronized movement of the twin oscillators.

Vianney Halter’s La Resonance is limited to seven total editions, with pricing available upon inquiry with the brand.

To learn more, visit Vianney Halter, here.

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