Roger Dubuis Collaborates Again with Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo to Create a Cosmic Version of the Monobalancier

Tattoo artists are used to having skin as their canvas. Here they don’t rely on an image provided or picked by their clients, but realize a vision of their own, creating priceless art. Such skills also translate very nicely into the world of haute horlogerie. Hublot has already proved this multiple times with its collaborations with Sang Bleu, and now Roger Dubuis has launched its second timepiece together with Dr. Woo.

In 2021 Dr. Woo and Roger Dubuis launched the Monotourbillon with a cosmic theme, giving this avant-garde watch a more classic look. Now the Monobalancier is the canvas, but we remain to explore the cosmos. Three celestial bodies occupy the dial of this Roger Dubuis, all in an artistic interpretation. The sun takes its place on the micro-rotor of the caliber, allowing it to be in constant motion. Earth turns at a more gradual pace as it decorates the mainspring barrel, which takes 6 hours and 40 minutes to make a full rotation. The moon plays with the oscillating weight, as its presence creates the tides in the world’s oceans. On the caseback, these planets return in full, along with Dr. Woo’s signature.

Roger Dubuis crafts this Monobalancier from black ceramic and engraves it with a wide variety of different symbols, all designed by Dr. Woo. This further adds to the character of the watch, which gives a vibe that it all comes from an old manuscript from an alchemist. The dark tones of both the case and the movement work very well with the pink gold details, which include the signature star of the Excalibur collection. While very progressive in style, the Monobalancier is rather old-school in the way that it is finished, earning it the coveted Poinçon de Genève, or Geneva Seal. Powered by caliber RD720SQ, this Roger Dubuis offers a 72-hour power reserve, winding by micro-rotor, and diamond-coated silicon escapement wheel and silicon pallet-stones for increased precision. Roger Dubuis will make 28 pieces of this second collaboration with Dr. Woo, which retails at €86.500,-

For more info, visit Roger Dubuis, here

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