Can You Identify Famous Watches By Their Bracelets?

Our latest series of visual quizzes asks: Can you identify well-known watches just by their components? In some instances, a watch’s bracelet is so distinctive in style that it alone is enough to reveal its identity. Below, we’ve illustrated the bracelets of five famous watches.  Test your watch knowledge by naming the watch represented by each illustration before clicking through to the next slide that reveals the model.


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  1. Stephen Antoine

    Yes I can identify the watch brand by just the bracelet. When I commend a customer on they watch even though they try to conceal it with hands behind the back. They are most impress ….and often remarks..”you know your watches”. I have and continue to make many sales this way.

  2. Sylvio F. Bertoli

    I like this series. On this one I side with your reader KaiS. I could recognize all except for the Rolex. The drawing is bleak and unidentifiable

  3. Ron Mundy

    I had a slight problem with identifying brands by their respective dials last time.
    This quiz was surprisingly easy for me. I am amazed how much a style of bracelet becomes indelibly connected in my memory to the brand and specific model of watch.

  4. Randy Rogers

    There is no question that intrinsic to Brand identification are component design features from Bezels, Crowns, Cases Lugs to Bracelets and Buckles, that identify a Brand from across the room. Absent from the aforementioned, and to me a colossal mistake by the brain trust at TAG-Heuer today, failing to capitalize on an evolution from what was the apex Collection S/EL that made the Brands re-birth circa 1988-1997 as it morphed into the less then exciting “Link”, sans Unidirectional Bezel and through different teams has become quite generic, with Homage pieces, but no Hero Collection. The distinctive Link that transitioned into “Link”, is acceptable, but needs the more robust Uni-directional Bezel that was part of the core identifying characteristics of the Brand, what was the 6000, had the same opportunity, but was at the transition to larger sizes (possibly 42MM) and a great Case Design and intricate Bracelet were squandered as the Company went Public and ‘Fashion’ with Kirium and Alter-Ego on their way to LVMH, where thy remain the ‘Cash-cow’, but have ceded Market dominance!

  5. Justin

    You guys need to change your speedmaster moonwatch picture; there is no date (dial quiz last time) and the bracelet does not taper out at the lugs

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