Old School Beauty: MeisterSinger Introduces Limited Edition Enamel 1Z

The German brand MeisterSinger has made a name for itself with its single-hand watches that display the time in five-minute increments. With a combination of an unmistakable design code inspired by ancient measuring tools such as extended markers, the long hand and two-digit numerals, and beautifully decorated and finished Swiss movements, they aim to offer a more relaxed approach to perceiving time. The latest examples is the Edition Enamel 1Z, a limited edition of just 24 pieces that boasts an enamel dial and is driven by the hand-wound pocket caliber Unitag 6498.

It is a tribute to the first Edition 1Z, launched in 2004, which featured the brand’s first genuine enamel dial. Limited to 222 pieces, this model boasted blued steel hands and the special features of the Unitas 6497 pocket watch caliber: Geneva Waves, blued screws, Glucydur screw balance and swan-neck fine adjustment.

First Edition 1Z from 2004

In keeping with the inner workings, MeisterSinger has chosen a historical style reminiscent of early pocket watches for the new edition. The elaborately heat-blued single hand with its extra-long transition and an arrow-tip rotates around the dial in true MeisterSinger fashion. 1Z, by the way, stands – then as now – for ‘1 Zeiger’, which is German for ‘1 hand’.

Those familiar with MeisterSingers timepieces will also notice that there are more numerals on the ivory-colored dial, 30s between the hour markers to indicate the half hour, accompanied by the numbers 13 through 24 to indicate the non-a.m.-p.m. format used in Germany.

The Edition Enamel 1Z is presented in a stainless steel case with a diameter of 43mm and a water-resistance rating oof 50 meters. Like most watches from MeisterSinger, it is equipped with a sapphire crystal case back that unveils the mechanical movement. Here too, the modified Unitas 6498 displays a high finishing standard, including blued screws, perlage, and Geneva Waves on the plate.

The hand-wound timepiece comes on a cognac-colored calfskin strap and will be available from June 2024. Pricing is marked at €4,990 or approximately $5,370 when converted to USD.

To learn more, visit MeisterSinger, here.

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  1. Roman

    I have read many times your applauding for MeisterSinger one hand watch their tribute to watchmaking. Facts are remarkably different. This brand was not even born, when watch factory in previous Soviet Union was producing one hand watches already. Meistersinger can hide this fact, but you as trustworthy magazine should provide credible information. I wonder, why Franck Muller who bought this factory in Russia didn’t ask you to be more precise about one hand watches story

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