My Favorite Watch: Jørgen Erdahl, Founder of Norwegian Watch Enthusiast Website

In our ongoing series, My Favorite Watch (which took a hiatus to make room for our Baselworld 2018 coverage last week), WatchTime speaks to interesting personalities in the watch industry. The interviews revolve around the subject’s favorite watch model, their experience in the industry, and other topics. This week we talk with Jørgen Erdahl, founder of a website for watch enthusiasts in Norway.

Jørgen Erdahl, Founder
Jørgen Erdahl, Founder

What’s your favorite watch?

Ah, that is an almost impossible question to answer. But if I have to pick just one I would have to take what some would consider a “boring“ choice and go for the Rolex Submariner, in a hard competition with a few far more complicated pieces from A. Lange & Söhne.

Why that one?

That model’s history, durability and versatility just makes it the one watch I could use for any occasion for the rest of my life. And to me, that is unique, as most other watches I love are more adapted to a certain occasion or activity. It wears comfortably, has excellent readability, and you can easily change the appearance of the watch with a strap that’s different than the original bracelet.

What’s important to you about watches in general?

The watch has the unique feature of being both an important tool to tell the time as well as a piece of jewelry. It tells a lot about who you are and your personality. I think almost all people rely on time to plan their days and life, and for me it is the single most important tool I have. At the same time is a symbol of time itself — past, present, and future. A quality watch is something you can have for years and even generations, which I find great, as many other things tends to get used and tossed away in our modern society.

Rolex Submariner Date
The Rolex Submariner has “history, durability, and versatility,” according to Erdahl.

Why did you think the world needed another watch publication? Why is yours different?

I am not too sure if the entire world “needed” another publication, but with the growing interest in timepieces in Norway, I do believe that the Norwegian enthusiasts did. Our focus is on the Norwegian watch community and bringing both international and local watch news to our readers in their native language. And since’s launch in April 2017, we’re very happy to see a huge growth.

Where have you worked before?

I have been active in watch communities for a decade, and have also been an editor for travel and luxury lifestyle publications for many years. is, however, the first project focusing solely on my main passion, which is high-end watches.

A day without a watch — is that possible?

I feel completely lost without a watch on my wrist, so I would have to say no.


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