Moritz Grossmann Introduces Limited Hamatic Vintage With Cream Dial

On the occasion of the manufactory’s 14th anniversary, Moritz Grossmann launches a limited version of its innovative Hamatic timepiece which uses a traditional automatic hammer mechanism from the 19th century.

Hamatic Vintage Cream in white gold

In 2008, the Glashütte based boutique brand was re-registered by trained watchmaker Christine Hutter who was fascinated by Moritz Grossmann and the history of the watchmaker, which is considered to be one of Germany’s finest horologists of all time.

Company founder and trained watchmaker Christine Hutter

Born in Dresden in 1826, Grossmann was a close friend of Ferdinand Adolph Lange and crucial in establishing the watchmaking industry in Glashütte. In addition, the internationally recognized technical author was instrumental in founding the German Watchmaking School in 1887. Legend has it that beyond the workbench and his lectureship, he was highly committed to the common welfare of the town.

From a technical standpoint, he pursued the vision of the “simple but mechanically perfect watch.” In his workshop, he manufactured precision tools, gear models, fine pocket watches, precision pendulum clocks and marine chronometers. On January 23, 1885, Moritz Grossmann passed away suddenly after a lecture on “The Introduction of Universal Time,” a topic that was very important in the context of internationalization and the increase in public transportation. Like his friend F. A. Lange, he was barely 60 years old. After his death, the manufactory was dissolved.

The Moritz Grossmann production site in Glashütte

The fact that the name of the great watchmaker is once again known among discerning watch lovers today can be attributed to Christine Hutter. Under the aegis of this industry expert, the company again produces highly sophisticated manufacture timepieces, from the first sketch to the finished product, with a remarkable amount of artistic handcraft and finishing qualities. All of them are driven by top-notch in-house developed and produced mechanical movements, combining traditional and contemporary manufacturing methods.

Hamatic Vintage Cream with railroad-minute track, historic band logo and a slightly recessed subdial for the subsidiary seconds

This also rings true for the Hamatic Vintage Cream. The anniversary timepiece is limited to 25 pieces and clad in white gold. The case has a diameter of 41mm and frames the beautiful, vintage-style dial, made of solid silver and lacquered, which displays the Roman numerals as well as the historic logo with a nostalgic font.

The hands are manually produced and annealed with a traditional method

A further reference to the old master are the fine pear-shaped hands, which are made in the manufactory. They are annealed by hand and mirror the expressive hue of the screws that can be admired within the microcosm of Caliber 106.0 through the exhibition case back.

Caliber 106.0 uses a revived hammer mechanism

The design of the movement does not only impress with its highly artistic finishing quality, but also with technical ingenuity. It incorporates a traditional automatic hammer mechanism from the 19th century, which generates energy by means of a moving hammer rather than the rotor. This hammer is triggered by the arm movements of the wearer, gliding back and forth like a pendulum and thereby winding the movement, which offers a power reserve of 72 hours when fully wound. This newly developed hammer winding mechanism is bidirectional and equipped with a highly efficient and reliable mechanism that has two click wheels. The construction also facilitates an intriguing view of the movement.

The Moritz Grossmann Hamatic retails for $47,400 when converted to USD.

To learn more, visit Moritz Grossmann, here.

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