MB&F Harnesses the Crimson Tide for the Latest HM7 Aquapod Release

MB&F has officially announced the latest addition to the brand’s tourbillon-enhanced “dive” watch family with a new platinum version in bright red. This is the first HM7 Aquapod to be executed in platinum and the first MB&F timepiece, a brand that has never been afraid to play with color, to come in such a bright red design. You might recall previous Aquapod iterations in titanium, first with blue accents and then followed by a memorable green design, and in rose gold.

Other than the colorway and case material, the new Aquapod also features a refreshed look for the numerals. Where previous versions of the Aquapod indicated the hours and minutes via rotating rings with transferred numerals, the new HM7 Platinum Red features three-dimensional numerals sculpted in titanium. The stems attaching the hour and minute numerals to their respective mounting rings are rendered black with a special DLC coating. Another new look for the Aquapod comes courtesy of the flying tourbillon ensconced at the watch’s center. Max Büsser and his friends decided to remove to recognizable battle axe tourbillon bridge from previous Aquapod designs and replace it with a clear sapphire component. This allows for the interior of the HM7 movement to be seen in a new light due to a lume application.

MB&F says that the reason red was chosen as the latest look for the Aquapod was as a reference to watch’s original inspiration: the jellyfish. It’s common knowledge among divers that the deeper you go in the ocean, the less color is visible to the human eye. Accordingly, red is the first color to disappear, being on the lowest end of the visible light spectrum, thus more easily absorbed by water. Jellyfish that frequent the deep sea often have red stomachs as a form of protective camouflage, as their transparent bodies would otherwise allow predators to spot them via their stomach contents.

The new HM7 Aquapod will be limited to a total of 25 pieces and will come fully equipped with three different rubber straps in red, white, and black. It’s priced at $165,000.

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