Making Waves: Moritz Grossmann Introduces Turqoise Date With Magnificent Guilloche Dial

When it comes to new releases, 2022 has seen the introduction of a plethora of models experimenting with color. We have seen a range of daring shades and subtle hues that have created a renewed look for classics and enchanted new introductions.

German luxury manufacture Moritz Grossmann is among the brands to experiment with color in its designs. Earlier this year, the brand, which is known for its commitment to traditional finishing techniques and high-end genuine calibers, introduced a variant of the Central Second that is adorned with a purple sunray brushed dial.

Joining the Moritz Grossman catalog of colorful designs is the new Date Turquoise. The watch sports a magnificent watch dial in the eponymous color with an eye-catching guilloche pattern.

Created in collaboration with the dial manufactory Comblémine by the famous independent watch artist Kari Voutilainen in Switzerland’s Val-de-Travers, the iridescent pattern on the main dial and subsidiary seconds have an almost mesmerizing effect.

The extremely fine grooves on the textured dial are polished to a high gloss using a diamond, creating fascinating reflections of light on the surface. Depending on the angle the light falls, it creates a dynamic interplay of subtle turquoise shades that are reminiscent of tiny waves in the sunlight. The lance-shaped hands are handcrafted and finished in the manufactory and then annealed in blue to compliment the cool-toned colorway.

In order to give this artisanal dial the maximum surface area, the hour markers and indices are placed on a small ring on its periphery. There is more to discover, though, as Moritz Grossmann includes a jumping pointer date placed on the circumference. It is not a pointer date in the traditional sense, however, as a bracket-shaped marker indicates the date.

In typical Moritz Grossmann style, the reverse side reveals an unobstructed view of the top-notch manufacture movement thanks to a sapphire pane on the back of the stainless steel case. Finished to the highest standards, the caliber 100.3 with the Grossmann balance, ratchet wheel with 3-band sailing, and hand-engraved cantilevered balance cock with a regulator arm offers a striking display of color and craftsmanship. The screws, annealed by hand in violet, are in perfect but subtle harmony with the German silver, steel, and gold shades.

The Moritz Grossmann Date Turquoise is limited to 18 pieces worldwide and has a price tag of approximately $43,000 when converted to USD. The watch is completed by a hand-sewn strap made from black alligator leather.

To learn more, visit Moritz Grossmann, here.

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