(Inter)Stellar Timekeeping: Citizen Presents Hakuto-R Collaboration Model in Recrystallized Titanium

Citizen’s latest Hakuto-R GPS Chronograph was born out of the collaboration with the eponymous commercial lunar exploration program, operated by ispace. As such, the Eco Drive, light-powered GPS satellite wave watch that receives signals in as little as 3 seconds pays tribute to space and the upcoming ispace lunar lander.

Entirely clad into brand’s genuine Super Titanium and coated with Duratect DLC, the Hakuto-R offers a first in using recrystallized titanium for the bezel and center links of the bracelet. This uncommon material is created by applying high-temperature to the material, followed by quick cooling. This process creates unevenness in the composition of the metal, resulting in a unique crystal pattern, which is echoed on the multi-layered dial that features a black-toned surface inspired by crystals.

The watch that has a diameter of 44.3mm is powered by the F950 high-end quartz caliber with a power reserve of 5 years and an accuracy of ±5 seconds per month. Among its functions are a chronograph, several alarms, a second time zone and world-time indication.

Flipping the watch over reveals a detailed engraving of the ispace lunar lander against a deep black background on the closed case back. The chronograph is attached to a titanium bracelet with recrystallized titanium center links. Limited to 1,000 pieces, the Citizen Hakuto-R GPS Chronograph retails for $3,500 and will be available this month.

To learn more, visit Citizen, here.

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