In The Spotlight: Introducing A New Article Series

Something new is often exciting, and at WatchTime, we do like to report on all the latest releases from your favorite watch brands. That is quite a challenge, as during the year, even now in summer, a steady stream of new timepieces is hitting the markets. Covering all of them is already hard to do, and this becomes even worse during fairs like Watches & Wonders. Choices have to be made, which is not always bad, as watches that might not be covered when just introduced come back later during a hands-on review.

This Eberhard 8 Jours Grande Taille is a fine example of a watch that deserves a bit more time in the spotlight.

But some watches fall through the cracks that actually deserve a bit of attention, even when, at the time of writing, they might have been on the market for some time. Like you, we are watch enthusiasts, and I do spend a portion of my week running through old catalogs and researching watches from past and current collections. The results of part of this ongoing quest can be read in the print edition of WatchTime, where under the name ‘Blast of the Past,’ I mainly highlight the cool and interesting young-timers that I come across.

Have you already seen this sportive-chic version of the Bulgari-Bulgari before?

For this new online series, ‘In The Spotlight,’ the idea is slightly different as here we highlight watches that are still in production and part of the current catalog of their brand. These timepieces might have been introduced a while ago, are a variety of a model that we haven’t covered before, or in general, a watch that we think deserves a bit more time in the spotlight. From the virtually unaffordable and unobtainable to bang-for-your-buck powerhouses, some of which even hide in plain sight. You get the good and the bad, but not the ugly, as we are spoiled for choices and have the luxury to avoid those.

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