Hegid: The Time Transformer

This article was originally published in the November/December 2022 Issue of the WatchTime print magazine.

At the Geneva Motor Show of 1995, Mercedes-Benz introduced its Vario Research Car. This frontwheel-drive car was fitted with a plastic body reinforced with carbon fiber that could be switched in about 15 minutes, allowing you to turn the vehicle from a sedan into a wagon, convertible or even pickup. While this piece of ingenuity never made it into production, its horological counterpart did. In 2019, Paris-based watch brand Hegid entered the market with its EVOL system, allowing owners to swap between different cases and straps in a matter of seconds.

The patented system evolves around so-called capsules. They form the heart of the watch, housing for Hegid an upgraded version of the Sellita SW200 automatic movement, dial and hands. Thanks to a screw-down crown, it offers water resistance up to 10 ATM or 100 meters. The ingenuity of the design is that thanks to a sophisticated bayonet locking, this capsule can be inserted and secured in a case with just two fingers, simply by turning the back of the watch. Thanks to quick-release spring bars, the same goes for the strap. In practice, this system not only works smoothly, but the way that it is constructed also oozes quality and a keen eye for details.

Hegid offers the capsules in various designs and complements them with an even more extensive variety of different cases and straps. As most of them are also sold separately, a relatively modest investment allows you to change the look of your timepiece. This versatility gives you unprecedented options, as now a single watch can take on several different roles. It is hard to describe Hegid’s design language, but one word that comes to mind is “effortless.” In a few lines, they have been able to express distinct character but also infuse their designs with that typical French sense of “joie de vivre,” the cheerful enjoyment of life. As a result, the different style cases all share a family resemblance, while some won’t hide their sportive appearance as others offer a more classic look.

While this is most certainly pleasing in everyday life, it is also great for traveling. Instead of putting several different watches in the hotel safe, a Hegid with one or two additional cases and a few straps gives you near endless options to match all activities on a vacation or business trip.

Hegid is not only challenging the status quo with its EVOL system but also in terms of design. Surrounding the theme of Space-Time, Hegid’s artistic director Jérôme Coste designed a collection with Hervet Manufacturier. The co-founder of this company is Cédric Hervet, which many know as the former artistic director of electronic music duo Daft Punk. This is also what gives the Celeste, the fruit of this collaboration, a recognizable vibe with its charismatic faceted design. It is combined with a uniquely designed dial and hands, which underscore the experience of time and space. Hegid is offering the Celeste in white and yellow gold, as well as in stainless steel, all in limited editions. While the capsule, strap and cases of the Celeste are not available individually, they are interchangeable with the rest of the Hegid collection, giving owners of these unique watches boundless options to mix and match.

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