Green Rambles: Watches & Wonders 2024 Preparations

While it is still a few weeks away, the preparations for Watches & Wonders 2024 have already started for me and the rest of the WatchTime team a short while ago. It is always a bit of a frenzy, not only making the necessary travel arrangements, but also planning all the appointments. Many brands also like to give us an insight into what they are bringing to this year’s edition of the fair, so we are currently already enjoying a steady stream of (digital) presentations showing us all the embargoed new models.

In that matter, this year’s edition of Watches & Wonders is even more challenging than the last edition. The fair has been a massive success after it went from the SIHH, which was mainly focused on Richemont brands, to welcoming a much larger group of watch brands when it turned into Watches & Wonders.

As Baselworld is no longer, Watches & Wonders has become the focal point of the industry, with more brands participating this year than ever. It is a good thing that we have a sizable team on the ground from WatchTime because it is nearly impossible these days to visit all the brands yourself. Choices have to be made, and they are often tough. Time has to be divided not only by seeing new watches but also by interviewing CEOs, doing photoshoots, and sitting down with different experts of the brands touching topics about heritage and technical developments.

I also like to talk with retailers from all over the world to get an idea of how their side of the industry is developing, and the same with some prominent collectors that are also in town. This also makes Watches & Wonders very much about people, meeting old friends and making new ones. The days are packed, with back-to-back meetings that usually last no longer than half an hour, which makes it so that your head buzzes with all the impressions. Sleep is a prized commodity for which there is not much time, but who needs sleep when you are living the dream?

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