Green Rambles: The Power Of Goodbye

Collecting watches is a dynamic process. When I first started collecting, I thought that there was an end to it, that my collection would be complete at some point. When I look back at this, it is somewhat naïve to think. A watch collection is almost like a living, breathing thing, an expression of yourself through different objects. As you gain more experience and increase your knowledge, your insights can change, and most likely, so will your collection. The same with lifestyle changes or even moving to a different location, they are all likely to impact your perception of watches. Of course, there is also a financial component in this. The disposable income you have to spend on your collection will also alter the choices available to you.

In the beginning, this all made me very restless, but in recent years, I have come to appreciate this dynamic. It began by realizing that I am only the temporary custodian of these watches. Many had owners before me, and probably all will have a new owner at some point in the future as well. Collecting watches is also a lot about the art of letting go. You can cling to watches you once loved but simply don’t fit you anymore or be appreciative that they were with you on some part of your journey through life in general, and the world of watches especially.

In my experience, there are plenty of reasons to cling to a watch; its rarity, its value, the emotional connection you have with it, and so on. The real question is; are you wearing the watch? I greatly dislike watches that only sit in the safe, as this is not for what they have been made. This might very well be the occasion why it is time to let go of them. When you stop looking back, new doors will open that can make collecting watches even more rewarding, which is the true power of goodbye.

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