Green Rambles: Always Take a Second Look

As a watch journalist, I see have the opportunity to see countless watches in person each year. This is a treat and one of the most beautiful parts of my work. Especially at large fairs, the pace is very quick, and it is not unusual to handle over a hundred watches a day and sometimes even a greater number depending on the brands I visit. Time is often limited, and this means that I cannot always examine each watch as thoroughly as I might want. This is not something to worry about, as there usually are many follow-up appointments in the weeks following the event to schedule more hands-on time.

One of the most important things I have learned at those after-event appointments is the significance of taking a second look. Forming an opinion based on a first glance is a valuable experience, but it is also something to be critical about. Imagine you are on your fifth day at Watches & Wonders, you haven’t been able to have lunch, and it’s close to five o’clock; you might be a bit more critical and less interested than you ordinarily would be. As long as you make time to go back to give those watches a second glance at a later point in time, this is not much of an issue. It helps me, at least, to form a complete opinion about a timepiece, which is needed to relay the information to you, our reader, as well as I possibly can.

Besides being a journalist, I am also a watch enthusiast and collector with a personal opinion. The funny thing is that I own a couple of watches that I didn’t like when they were just released but still fell in love with them later in time. This has nothing to do with the watches themselves, as they hadn’t changed, but with my perception of them. Suddenly, the dots connected, and I understood these watches to the extent that I couldn’t wait to add them to my collection. Some of them have been part of my collection for years now and are on my wrist quite frequently. After years in the industry, I have learned to always look twice, even (or perhaps especially) at watches that didn’t initially catch my fancy.

Did you ever buy a watch you didn’t even like at first? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Jeff Taylor

    I got a nice deal on an unsold Tudor Pelagos and wasn’t sure if I would truly like it. At the time I didn’t really care for dive watches. However it is now one of my favorite watches I own.

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